Vedavoo || StreamWalker InLand Net

The InLand model landing net is built with a 15″ by 10.5″ American Black Walnut hoop seated on a Curly Maple handle for an overall length of 23″.This model was designed to be the go-to trout net for the inland fly fisher but will handle a wide variety of species from Brook Trout to Bass. Comes with a clear rubber “catch and release” ghost style net bag sewn in with black Dacron cord.

$ 229.95

DIMENSIONS: 15″W X 10.5″L Hoop; 23″ Overall Length

WEIGHT: 10.6 oz.

NET: Clear Rubber “Catch and Release” Ghost Style Net Bag

ORIGIN: Handmade to order in the Rochester, NY out of locally harvested hardwoods. Learn more from STREAMWALKER.


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