Tippet Pack

Quick-Wrap Tippet Holder Keeps Spools Flat

 – Hand Made to Order in the USA –

$ 19.95

  • ARC System Accessories wrap around loops on our packs, your wading belt, daypack straps, waders, bars in the boat, cooler handles, etc.
  • Built for quick change of any of your tippet spools – letting you prepack several with different tippets (Flouro, Mono, Saltwater, etc).
  • 7″ Paracord Loop with Toggle for spools of tippet and other Leader Material
  • Spools lie flat and securely against the pack for easy access
  • Paracord loop ideal place to clip on nippers, floatant, etc.
  • Secures with industrial Velcro closure
  • 4″ W x 6″ H x 0.75″ D (closed)
  • 1.7 oz.

3 reviews for Tippet Pack

  1. Aaron S.

    Very well made, and a very handy tippet holder. Definitely planning on buying more Vedavoo stuff! Keep up the great work!

  2. Nick Heide

    Like my other Vedavoo gear this is extremely well made. Easily carries all the spools of tippet I usually carry for a day on the water, and I love the way it integrates with either my deluxe gear pouch or spinner day pack depending on my setup for the day. Will carry spools of most brands however I have found the toggle can pop through spools with larger holes in them (ie stroft)- easily fixed by popping a spool with a smaller diameter last in line. Definitely a must have!

    • Vedavoo

      Great idea on the tippet spools with larger holes, Nick – – – Good for all those TroutHunter guys out there too! Cheers! Scott

  3. Mitch

    You can throw a fender washer on the end too for large arbor spools (stainless or neoprene are commonly available at the hardware stores).

    • Vedavoo

      Awesome idea Mitch! A lot of anglers have to be tipping a hat to you tonight!

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