Tightlines Sling Classic

The Tighlines is our modular sling design adding versatility with a removable pouch. This Deluxe Pouch can be used as a simple chest pack or side bag. Made in the USA.

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Tightlines Sling (by VEDAVOO) from VEDAVOO… Better American Gear on Vimeo.

10 reviews for Tightlines Sling Classic

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Great design and fit. Being left handed, Veedavoo built one for me…….and the fit is great!

  2. Clayton Masur (verified owner)

    I was not sure if it would fully replace my traditional vest but it did with room to spare and gear is much easier and quicker to access. It is a well thought out product and the extra pouch you get with the deluxe version provides ample room. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  3. John (verified owner)

    First of all, great gear company and a great piece of gear. The tightlines SPD paired with the hip pack deluxe gives me the versatility to go heavy or light on the fly boxes while providing reoom for the rest of what I need for a day on the water. Well made and purposeful (and in the USA). Customer service is as good as it gets. I bothered Scott with so many questions before I could decide on the right outfit for my needs. He personally answered them all, patiently, all while offering great advice. Happy to recommend and would definitely buy from Vedavoo again.

  4. Thomas (verified owner)

    Just got my pack today, Scott turned it around in less than a week when I notified them of an upcoming trip. Expected to hear back that they couldn’t do it, but they just delivered! Very nice pack, can’t wait to get out on the water with it this weekend.

  5. Steve Deeg

    Met Scott at a fly show four years ago and immediately knew the Tightlines Sling pack was what I had been searching for. My standard fly vest was putting too much stress on my shoulders. Scott shipped it within 3 weeks and I love it. Just finished a two weeks trip in Florida and it worked perfectly! Perfect balance and absolutely no stress on my left shoulder anymore. If you are tired of all the weight from a vest on your shoulders, buy this!

  6. Josh (verified owner)

    I just sent the link to this pack to a friend who is considering buying it. He saw me using mine while on the Poudre last week. I felt I needed to review this pack, as it has been one of the best purchases I have made.

    I use this pack every time I go out. It is exceptionally made and makes everything so easy while on the river. I love the ease of switching flys or tippet. I would recommend getting all 4 of the S-Clips and use them for your 4 most commonly used tools.
    Thanks Vedavoo!

  7. Troy Templeton

    Have had my deluxe pack for almost 2 years now and I do not know if I could possibly go back to a traditional vest or other sling. Top of the line quality, and I can say that with confidence because I fish this pack hard. Extremely well engineered and able to tailor needs of the day based on the versatility of the pack. Enough room for a decent trip fishing. Definitely a minimalist pack which it was designed for, would like the room of the larger packs but the tightlines deluxe is excellent for those half day trips, but don’t expect to bring excess gear.

  8. Iris

    I’ve had my Tightlines pack for three years now and it’s possibly the best purchase I made in flyfishing.
    It saw me through windless days in Golden Trout country, lying on my belly in flat meadows, casting blind 30 feet upriver. Bushwhacking on tiny local creeks where you had to trust that there really was a creek somewhere past all those branches. Overflowing snowmelt rivers where I was wading hip-deep. This pack never let me down. It’s been covered in mud and dragged through wild rosebushes and stuffed full of too much gear and punctured with tools. And yet it still looks pretty much brand new. I know I’m raving about it, but it really is that durable and awesome. I’d be using it to this day if I hadn’t upgraded to the Damsel!
    I love the ergonomics of the design – it rides comfortably on my shoulder for long hikes in without weighing me down or flopping around. All my tools are easily accessible, attached with zingers to the front of the pack, without catching on brush as I creep up on fish. I’ve never lost a flybox from the compartments, but they’re easy to get in and out of. It doesn’t swing around and get in the way when I bend over to stay sneaky. And it’s super adjustable size-wise. I’m 5′ and 130 lbs, and I’ve loaned it to my 6’6 180lb boyfriend, and it fit him just as well.
    This is one of those pieces of fishing gear that I fully expect to last at least a decade. I’d buy it all over again without hesitation.

  9. John O’Shaughnessy (verified owner)

    My quest for the perfect pack is over. I gave up on vests years ago, moved from chest packs to hip packs but still never found what I was looking for until I purchased the Tightlines Sling. Expertly engineered with meticulous attention to every detail, it’s obvious that it was designed by real fisherman. Outstanding quality and craftsmanship and it’s super comfortable to wear. The tightline sling is going to cover the majority of my outings but I will soon be ordering the Seam sling to cover my larger tackle and longer day saltwater needs. Superb!

  10. Edward Constantini (verified owner)

    I have fished with my Nightlines Sling Pack for over a month now and am very satisfied with how much more efficient it has made my time on the stream. The pack is beautifully constructed as evidenced by the fit and finish of all of the components. As advertised, the pack rides perfectly on my back and in most instances does not shift when I go to net a trout. I am still working on trying to dial in where the pack is most comfortable for me and how high I want it to ride on my chest when I pull it around to access my accessories. I do have one minor issue with the pack, however, and it relates to the bottom velcro tab that attaches the front pouch to the rest of the pack. I feel that this tab is not positioned properly. In my opinion it is too low and when closed does not lock onto the entire velcro patch. This then causes the front pouch to tilt putting more stress on the attachment site. I think, and I am not a designer by any means, that the tab and velcro should be longer and the velcro attachment site should also be longer and positioned higher up. That being said, I would highly recommend this pack to fellow fishers who want to take a minimalist approach to the amount of accessories they carry but still be assured that everything they need can be accounted for.

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WEIGHT: 15 oz.

VOLUME: ~130 CI (POUCH) + Added Storage (Sling Zipper Pocket, Lower Strap Pocket, Pouch Back Pocket, Pouch Front (Plier) Pocket, tool anchors, and ARC Accessory Loop)

RELATIVE CAPACITY: 2 Cliff Super Days Worth or Standard Boxes; 3 Tacky Boxes + Snacks



ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials

ARC ACCESSORY READY: The loop on the face of the pouch is designed for ARC Accessories like our ARC TIPPET PACK or ARC FLY PATCH to quickly mount your spools or have a place to put your fly while rigging.

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