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Tacky Fly Box

The original tacky flybox with slotted silicone keeps up to 168 nymphs or dries secure and well organized.

Our HIP PACK DELUXE is a great pairing for these – perfectly sized to carry three Tacky’s on your hip and at the ready.

$ 24.95

Out of stock

DIMENSIONS: 7″ x 3.5″ x .75“

WEIGHT: 5.4 oz.

BEST USE / CAPACITY: Up to 168 Nymphs, Stones, or Dry flies

ORIGIN: Made in China

More Info:

Other Capacities
Beast Sling: 12 Tackies
Seam Sling: 8 Tackies
Tightlines Lite / Tightlines Deluxe: 2-3 Tackies


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