Swedish Pancake Wader & Boot Bag

Crushable, Tarp Material Tote for the Wet, Muddy, Sandy, Messy and More!

+ Made by IKEA of Sweden… Made Awesome by Vedavoo of the USA
+ If you’re gonna put your wet, muddy waders and boots in a bag made overseas, don’t overspend.
+ Don’t Forget to Add Extra “Toppings” (CudaBite Premium Decals bond near permanently, but others stick too)

$ 7.95$ 9.95

  • Tarp Material Catches Mud, Dirt, Sand, Muck, Leaves, Etc.
  • Easy Clean: Hose it Off and Hang to Dry
  • Not a Taco – Not a Burrito – Not even the Whole Enchilada… this Flattens Like a Pancake!
  • Crushes down to near nothing for easy storage / transport
  • Perfect trash hauler for river cleanups
  • Can Be Used as a quick shelter from heavy rain
  • Keeps wet dog stank off your seats
  • Works well for carrying a variety of other things too
  • Max Load: 55 lbs.
  • Blue Poly Tarp Material (at least 60% from recycled material)
  • 100% Poly Webbing Handles (Both Long and Short)
  • LARGE (19 Gallon)
    • 21.75″ L  X  14.5″ D  x  13.75″ H
  • STANDARD (10 Gallon)
    • 17.75″ L  X  7″ D  x  17.75″ H
  • 2.6 oz.


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