Strolis Seatback


The All-New STROLIS is a rigging station paired with a Monster Fly Wallet that quickly attatches to a seatback, your Cooler, the inside of your boat, the deck of your kayak, your tailgate, etc. Every Strolis ships with a mounting kit – including strips of industrial grade, low-profile, sticky-back velcro. Place the strips where you want your pack to ride. This system lets you take your pack with you at the end of the day.

Fits most seatbacks, as long as there is space for two 9″ velcro strips, but they can also be trimmed if they do not fit.

$ 59.95



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DIMENSIONS: Two 7.5″H x 10″W Shearling Fleece Patches Fold Together for Fly Storage. Closed wallet 9″H x 10.5″W. Seatback 9.5″H x 11.75″W Includes Two Full Length Strips of Heavy-Duty Velcro, Made in America.

WEIGHT: 14 oz.

VOLUME: Minimal Profile of Shearling Patches Folded Together + Added Storage: Deep Storage Pocket Behind Fleece Patches.

Adjustable Strap Length to Fit Most Seatbacks, Must Be Able to Go Around the Back Cushion and Through the Seat Hinge.

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials. Made from Water Master Vinyl

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