Strolis Seatback


The All-New STROLIS is a rigging station paired with a huge internal Fly Wallet that quickly attaches to a seatback, your Yeti, the inside of your boat, the deck of your kayak, the side of your console, your tailgate, etc.

Every pack ships with a mounting kit – including strips of industrial grade, low-profile, sticky-back velcro. Place the strips where you want your pack to ride. This system lets you take your pack with you at the end of the day. Additional mounting kits available for those who want to be able to mount it in different locations.

$ 74.95



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STORAGE: Two 8″H x 10″W Premium Loop-Lock Material for secure storage of any flies (barbed or barbless), and a 9″ x 8″ internal pocket behind the fly storage for other gear. Exterior has mounting loops for tools, tippet, etc. and a wide webbing loop for attachment of our ARC Accessories.

MOUNTING KIT DETAILS: Two 9″ Strips of Industrial Grade Adhesive Hook Velcro with Low Profile Hooks; Can be trimmed / cut to fit; For best adhesion, thoroughly clean the surface with rubbing alcohol before application, and let glue set for 24-48 hours before active use.

WEIGHT: 9.2 oz.

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA