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The one sling every angler should own – handbuilt for you.

Built with twice the capacity of our Tightlines Sling. For the angler who doesn’t need our large Beast, this sling was designed to hit the SEAM between the extremes. Space to carry 8 Tacky Boxes, or 4 of the Cliff Super Days Worth size box, etc. The pack is versatile enough to carry a selection of almost any sized box. Connections for tools and tippet, three big pockets for gear, and a sleeve for a water bottle or other refreshing beverage.

The pack anchors to your back without need for a third strap, keeping your load balanced, out of the way and within quick reach when you need it.

PRO TIP: The loop on the face of the pouch is designed for ARC Accessories like our ARC TIPPET PACK or ARC FLY PATCH to quickly mount your spools or have a place to put your fly while rigging.


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WEIGHT: 17 oz.

VOLUME: ~220 CI (POUCH) + Added Storage (Zipper Pocket, Deep Storage Pocket, Water Bottle Sleeve, and tippet / tool anchors)

RELATIVE CAPACITY: 2 Cliff Bugger Barn Flyboxes + Snacks; 4 Cliff Super Days Worth or Standard Boxes; 8 Tacky Boxes



ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials

5 reviews for Seam Sling

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Larry Steiner (verified owner)

    I ordered a Seam Sling by for a recent trip to Alaska and received it as promised in time for my departure. I have never used a sling pack before this trip as I usually wear a chest pack or front/back pack. Much of my fishing is for steelhead using spey rods. I have been frustrated in the past with line tangling in zippers, nippers, floatant etc. hanging from my chest pack but have put up with it as the chest pack allowed me to wade deeper and still keep my gear dry compared to a traditional vest. The Seam Sling is the perfect answer for me! I had no problem adjusting to it as it is a very intuitive product. Fishing with a single hand or switch rod was a joy as my chest was perfectly clear of obstacles. The horizontal fly pouch allowed me to cross rivers a little more than waist deep and still remained dry. If I was hiking any distance and wanted to carry my backpack, I simply slid the sling to the front making room for my backpack until I arrived at my destination. I was able to carry 3 fly boxes without difficulty; one for poppers, one for streamers and one for articulated leeches. When fishing for char instead of silvers, I simply swapped the popper box for one with dries and nymphs. I can’t say enough about this bag, it did everything I wanted and more, including being made in the USA from USA sourced material. I am confident it will not be my last purchase from Vedavoo.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Watson (verified owner)

    What a great sling pack! Hands down the best I’ve tried. This pack is extremely well made, very comfortable, user friendly and just the right size. It easily carries the payload advertised; 4 standard tacky boxes and one oversized streamer box with plenty of room for tools, floatant, extra leaders, indicators and the like. I appreciate the ability to stow light rain gear and a water bottle on such a light pack. I wade small to medium sized water in Western NC/Eastern TN primarily and this is a perfect lightweight pack for me. I really LOVE that it is a hand-made to order product crafted with obvious pride in the US. Support good folks making really good stuff!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ed Zweig (verified owner)

    This is my second sling from Vedavoo. I’m even happier (Seam) than the first (tight deluxe) .
    I am hard on my equipment, I fish 365, and I have none of the breakdowns that the foreign crap has.
    Rain, snow,sun,bug repellent,! This is great stuff for the long haul.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Schnedler

    I’ve owned a: traditional bulky vest, Patagonia front vest sling, and a Patagonia Hybrid Pack. This surpasses them all. Even with slippery under layers (primloft coat), it stays put and does not slide like other packs. Unlike vests or other packs the freedom given to your casting shoulder is amazing! Additionally, the freedom from clutter up front of you seems so vast, but liberating. Lash points and storage are all laid out with a great deal of thought. Finally, as I travel, packing this away is a breeze, almost forget its there. Great American made product made from a great ‘American Dream’ story in a garage with an idea to make a passion (fly fishing) better for all anglers.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Breitenstein (verified owner)

    I received my sling pack a couple of weeks ago and have been out fishing on numerous occasions with it so thought it time to write a review. I’ve been wearing a chest pack for a couple of years so the seam sling took a little getting used to. I loved the convenience of my chest pack but hated that I couldn’t see where I was stepping half the time when in the river. I’m amazed at how much freedom the seam sling has given me both in and out of the water. Once I got comfortable with the swing of the pack to the front I fell in love with this thing. I love that it holds all my fly boxes, gloves, buff and tools comfortably with room to spare. I also love how it puts my water bottle right in front of me when swung in front reminding me to hydrate. I have a Nomad net attached to a retractor hanging of the upper D-ring and with all this the pack remains well balanced and rides smooth. I ordered a medium pinch pouch with my pack and it’s perfect for holding a couple of extra leaders, knot tool, pinch indicators and license. The overall quality of my seam sling is impressive. Lastly, I’m proud to own such a great American made product and appreciate the timeliness in which it was made and delivered. Thank you!

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