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The Rod Holster is great for fresh and salt water fishing, drop the butt of your rod through the webbing loop, and buckle the simple strap over the cork to secure your rod (tip up!) Simple, belt-worn holster for fly rods.

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  1. (verified owner)

    Game changer! I was initially concerned given the disclosure about not being ideal for rods with short a butt. I have a TFO Professional Series II (9ft. 5wt.) with a 1950 Hardy Perfect 3 3/8 reel. Once I opened the package I sent up my outfit to see if it would work and boy does it. Gone are the days of resting my reel on the bank or between my legs. I use LL Bean Kennebec super seam waders (with a built in neoprene belt), and it fits the belt perfectly. A necessity, and the blaze orange compliments my olive seam sling pack (whish has blaze orange leader wallet and pinch pouch) I’m hitting the Rush River (WI) tomorrow AM…tight lines

  2. (verified owner)

    Picked up a couple of these for my wife and I to use and tested them out for the first time today. They worked great for carrying our 2nd rod’s, easy access and could swap rods very easily. Works best for holding rods with a fighting butt on it, but it also held our little 3wt rods too. I also suggest using it without the reel covers on for the most secure fit but it can work either way. I’m so happy I don’t have to bug someone to grab my 2nd rod off my back or take my backpack off everytime I want to switch rods. I may need a few more of these!!!

  3. purchased the rod holster…………….outstanding!! Small, convenient and you don’t even realize you have it on. Holds the fly rod at the perfect angle to not interfere with casting………………a must have!!

  4. Mandatory equipment while wading. I may even use it on the SUP or in the canoe.

  5. (verified owner)

    The rod holster is an elegantly simple piece of kit. A true game changer. It works equally well with fly or spinning rods. Wouldn’t be without it now and wonder what I used to do without it. Vedavoo craftsmanship is excellent.

  6. What a fantastic and simple product. This is one of the most useful pieces of gear I have while out on the water with a bunch of friends. When I want to grab my camera, I don’t have to worry about laying my rod down, I can just put my rod in the holster, grab my camera to shoot pictures or video, and not have to worry about returning to my rod if I so happen to take a walk away (Given there are no low hanging trees around). Truly a game changer!

  7. (verified owner)

    Simple, effective, and extremely well made! I purchased a Rod Holster for a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park. I was swinging soft hackles with a two handed Microspey during an emergence. As soon as the fish started to key on the dries, boom, in less than thirty seconds my two hander was swapped out for the 5-weight pre-rigged with a dry fly. The Rod Holster held both the single and two handed rods securely and out of the way.

    My fishing buddy held is second rod in the front loop on his vest but had to find another way to hold the first rod when changing flies. He ordered a Rod Holster before our trip was over.
    Whether you prefer a vest, sling pack, fanny pack, or chest rig, the Rod Holster can work for you.

    A quality product made by quality people from Wyoming, USA!

  8. (verified owner)

    At least in my experience the rod didn’t stay perpenduclar to the belt, flopped around all day. Since I didn’t have the holstered rod strung with line for part of the day, I did not realize the top piece of my rod came undone and was gone when I reached to use the rod. $150 for lost tip. I should have had the rod strung tightly but still, the holster didn’t perform as I would have hoped.

    • (verified owner)

      Hi Mike – Sad to hear about the lost rod tip. Though not in any way a perfect system, we designed the holster to let you reposition the rod at varying angles as your needs change throughout the day – especially important in the wind. I’ve (personally) lost a rod tip too – though in my case it got clipped by a fly cast that got away from me in the wind. We are about to launch a new holster – the QUICKSHOT – that will keep the rod securely in a vertical position. Though it’s no consolation for your loss, I’d be happy to swap you out with one of these new ones with the hope it serves better with your strung-up 2nd. Drop me an email to and we’ll get you taken care of. Thanks for the comment – Scott

  9. (verified owner)

    This is essential to carrying (and more importantly, using) 2 rods when wading….Previously, I had rigged up my Beast Sling to hold the rod…it worked….but it held the rod completely vertical, which makes getting under overhanging trees a little tricky….also, it was a bit of a hassle to switch between rods…

    With the rod holster, the rod is held at a 60 degree angle (approx.) and not only is the rod tip lower, it is easier to navigate branches with…..but the real benefit is how quickly you can switch the rods out…I carry one rod with a dbl nymph rig on a floating line and one rod with a streamer on a sink tip….with the rod holster, either rod is quickly and easily accessible at all times…

    highly recommended…

    Scott…your products are awesome…and you do strong work….I’ve had the Beast Sling for over 3 years…it has held up very well, even under heavy use…thnks

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DESIGNED TO WORK WITH 1.5″ WEBBING BELTS WITH STANDARD HARDWARE, and MOST RODS; We can build for 2″ Wide Belts upon request

FOR USE: SECURELY drop the fighting butt of your rod through the loop to secure in place temporarily while you work. Rods must have a butt to drop into the lower loop for this product to work. Not ideal for short-butt rods.

WEIGHT: 1.8 oz.

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials

More Info: Ideal for the angler who wants a place to secure a rod out of the way while re-rigging. Great for those who are working with two rods, one for streamers and another for dries or out in the salt with that 6 wt for bonefish at work with the big stick for the monster GT’s at the ready.

The design allows the tip of your rod to stay up and away. Can be pivoted side to side to position the rod at different angles for your comfort.

A must have for any angler!

Product Video Coming Soon!

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