We’ve been listening to your feedback and we’ve made some improvements to our products in the past year. One of our major upgrades was the buckle over the flap. This was to not only keep your gear safe in the case of the velcro failure but also to ensure maximum engagement of the velcro when the pack is closed. We’ve also done away with the buckle on the shoulder strap for comfort. Please put in the “notes” section what options you need and address packs to REPAIRS Vedavoo, Inc.

Repairs Include

– Adding a buckle
– Replacing Velcro (if needed)
– Removing Shoulder Strap buckle

Please send all repairs to:

Vedavoo Repairs
45 Granite Street 2nd Floor
Leominster, MA 01453

$ 25.00

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  1. Andrew J. Cartwright

    Hello. I believe I will be needing a longer strap on my seam sling. I am 6’5” and the buckle rests on my shoulder, the pack also does not rest squarely on my back.

    • Vedavoo

      Hi Andrew – yeah, it sounds like a tweak would do you good. We would remove the buckle that rests on your shoulder and swap out the webbing harness for a longer one with your repair. If you don’t have the security buckle over the main compartment we will also add that. Last, if there are any other things we can do while we have it (replace your velcro, etc.) we will do so. Thanks!

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