Pack Pouch

Quick storage pouch with industrial velcro flap closure and side pleats that expand for thicker loads. A perfect home for cords, gear, tying materials (holds little ziplocks perfectly), fly tying bobbins, etc.

$ 24.95


3 reviews for Pack Pouch

  1. Very nice hand crafted pack pouch for Fly Tying tools

  2. I would recommend this to anyone, I am always useing mine

  3. I love my pack pouch. I use it for multiple things. I use it to store my fly tying tools. I store my camera batteries and memory cards in it when I’m traveling, so, I can easily find them in stuffed in my backback. I also use it to store random items in my fishing bag like split shot weights, snaps, and other random items that I carry with me.

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POCKET SIZE: 4.5 “H x 5 “W (Pleated Pocket Expands up to 1.5″ – 2” for Contents)

WEIGHT: 1.8 oz.

STORAGE: Perfect for little zip-locks of tying materials, or your Cords, Chargers, Cosmetics, etc.

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials

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