Carry Your Landing Net Better in the Netster

– Hand Made to Order in the USA –

NOTE:  Netsters are built with a MATTE BLACK panel behind the sleeve.  Example has grey background here to help show detail on our site.  

$ 34.95

  • Net drops in through top opening and the handle slides through one of the two openings at the bottom
    • This naturally positions your net upright, but canted to the left side or right per your preference.
  • Supports MOST Nets (Not ideal if you’re carrying Taimen Sized Nets in Mongolia)
  • Protects waders from abrasive handles
  • Best when worn center/back, or offset to the left or right of center on your back.
  • Slides Easily Onto Most Wading Belts
  • Low Profile Design Avoids Line Snags
  • Won’t Stab you in the Kidney When You Jump In Your Truck
  • NOTE:  There may never be a perfect system for hauling nets around but we’ve done our best to help without breaking the bank.
  • 18 oz. Waterproof Raft Vinyl Shell
  • Backer uses repurposed remnant vinyl from Water Master Rafts
  • TOP of Opening: ~7″;
  • BOTTOM of Opening: ~4″
  • Depth of Sleeve: 4″
  • 4.5 oz.


5 reviews for Netster

  1. Ryan Kerr (verified owner)

    Comfortably holds all size nets. Even works under my sling pack if needed.

    • Vedavoo (verified owner)

      Really glad to hear it, Ryan. Set out to build something only for long-handled nets – – – but like you, I’ve been using mine with all sizes. Cheers! Scott

  2. Fran Silva-Blayney (verified owner)

    The answer to my net problem…as a shorter human, I did not like the magnet options -my net always dragged in the water, and it was difficult to grab behind my back and then trying to replace the net was always a hassle – I LOVE my net holder. I’ve used it with a short and long handled net, no problem with either. Easy to adjust on my wader belt from a back position to a side position. When I carry a small backpack (for rain jacket, etc) I’ll have the net holder to my side. When I’m without a pack, I like it behind me. This is probably the reason I love the net holder – it’s adjustable for the conditions I am fishing in. Fast water? I like my net on the downstream side. Slow water? I like it behind me. This isn’t an option with a magnet that attaches only to the loop on the back of my waders. I’d call this net holder versatile. Super easy to grab the net out of the holder and easy to put it back after I’ve released the fish. LOVE it!

  3. Jeremy (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a net holder, just stop reading, add to the cart and be happy in a few days when it arrives. I don’t know what to say other than it’s awesome. I have a mid-length Nomad net and I picked this up for a trip I just did over the weekend. I can not tell you how much better this makes things on the creek in terms of carrying a net around. The net slides in and out no issues and you can also angle it if you like. And the craftsmanship, it’s bombproof. Thanks for making such an awesome product!

  4. John Pottle (verified owner)

    Well designed. Well made. Does exactly what it is supposed to. I use it with my Fishpond Nomad Native net (fairly short handle) and it’s very secure. I especially like the extra loop on the back which I clip my net lanyard to.

  5. J weaver (verified owner)

    Works great and is a third cheaper than alternatives. Works fine with my sling pac and vest set up
    No system is perfect and a belt holstered net can be a bit of an issue with a rain coat, so I leave magnets attached to net and coat and easily switch over if have to put rain gear on.

    • Vedavoo (verified owner)

      Glad to hear it’s working well for you! Clever idea to connect the magnets to the coat! Cheers!

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