Drifter Boat Bag


The Vedavoo Drifter is a messenger style boat bag or great for traveling. Premium construction gives the bag structure and protects laptops and other gear. Carries two Cliff Beast Flyboxes with room to spare.

$ 219.95


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  1. Jeff Carpenter (verified owner)

    Multipurpose. Highly functional. Tough as nails. ‘Merica. I purchased my Drifter as an everyday carry bag while going through anesthesia school. For two years it was loaded to the max with textbooks (very big and heavy textbooks), laptop, iPad, charger cords, stethoscope, pens, extra scrubs, and still had room to pack lunch. Think about that, daily use for two years straight at max capacity, and this bag still looks and functions as brand new. Since graduating, I have time to fish again, and I never leave for a trip without my drifter. On a recent adventure to the white river in february, the drifter saved me. Conditions were terrible; sunny and warm, rain, wind, snow, all in the same afternoon. Thankfully for the drifter I was able to pack the appropriate gear for the conditions and stay on the water. If you’re in the market for a high quality, American made, carry all type of bag thats as well suited for everyday life as it is for a fishing trip, I highly recommend the Vedavoo Drifter.

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WEIGHT: 28 oz.

ROUGH DIMENSIONS: 16″ W x 14″ H x 6″D

VOLUME: 1344 CI (Main Compartment) + 2 Stretch Side Pockets, Front Tuck Pocket, Front Zipper Pocket, ARC Accessory Loop, 4 Tool Attachment Loops, and 2 Extra Large Tool Anchors

RELATIVE CAPACITY: 2 Bugger Beast Fly Boxes, a Lunch, Two Water Bottles, and Raingear in the Driftboat; or a weekend’s worth of clothes, a laptop, and other needs while traveling. It does either of these things VERY well.

ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials

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