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If you fish big flies out of big boxes or carry several boxes of flies and a days worth of gear, our best-selling fly fishing sling pack is for you. Made in the USA.

Add an ARC Tippet or ARC Fly Patch to your pack.

$ 159.95


Beast Sling (by VEDAVOO) from VEDAVOO… Better American Gear on Vimeo.

22 reviews for Beast Sling

    • Zac – You’re the best! Was so nice to meet you in Somerset – and even nicer to be able to build your pack for you. Comments and suggestions well received! I’ll see what I can do about rolling in those additions (if you need / want me to adjust your sling this offseason, let me know and I can touch it up for you with some extras). As for the strap extensions for the Jacket compression – no prob. I’ll make you some buckle-in extenders and toss those in with the “Big Fleece” project… which I hope to finish soon. Thanks again! Scott

  1. (verified owner)

    Great job on the design of the TL BEAST SLING PACK I finally found the right pack for wading the salt river here in Arizona. I really love I can carry all my gear and none of it in front of me getting in my way and when I need something it’s easy to get to.The water bottle the pocket is great and easy to use. I’m looking forward to using it this summer on the mountain streams.
    Thanks DeWane

  2. (verified owner)

    I was fortunate to meet Scott at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show this past January. What makes a company stand out in my mind are the people behind it, and Scott’s passion for his work is something this industry desperately needs.

    We fish 200+ days, 90% of which is hiking and wading. I needed something that would stay on my back, give me access to all of my flies and gear while I’m standing waist deep, and carry everything I might need during a day on the water. I purchased a TL Beast a few months back and Scott hand built my pack and shipped it in less than 3 weeks. Since the day I received it I’ve been wearing it constantly, and it is every bit as impressive as it looks. The construction is a thing of beauty, the functionality is second to none, and fit is spot on. This pack stays put – period. I’m able to keep a full box of streamers, a separate box of dries, and a slim box of nymphs without so much as a worry. That leaves plenty of room and space to store gloves and a rain coat, and hang pliers, nippers, and enough tippet to get me through a few months on the water. If you have your eye on a TL Beast, pull the trigger and buy one today – it is far and away one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

  3. (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Beast Sling Pack for about 2 months now…Before ordering, I was unsure if I could get comfortable wearing it while I fished, since I had not previously found a pack from any manufacturer that I liked….but I am very happy with this pack,and I’m not sure how I got on without it…

    Highly recommended..

  4. (verified owner)

    Scott great sling pack, finally got around to trying my Beast Sling Pack and all I can say is it lives up to everything I have read about you, Vedavoo and your products. The pack is well designed/thought out and well made with top notch materials and workmanship. I can finally wear a sling pack all day and not have my shoulder killing me, it stays also put in the middle of your back with out extra straps or any re-adjusting. I also like the fact that being a right hand caster the strap is on my left shoulder and not my right like the other sling packs on the market. I was on the fence about purchasing the Beast but I’m glad I did and upset that I didn’t purchase it sooner. Great product, could not be happier with it.

  5. (verified owner)

    Truly a do it all pack. I’ve used this sling for everything from lake run steelhead, river smallies, bluegill adventures to even chasing big toothy musky. It has enough room to hold everything I need for any fishing situation. Holds a biggest beast Jr. Easily or tons of smaller boxes and extra gear or attachments. Truly the best game changer on the market!! One pack that’s easily described by being a work of art!

  6. (verified owner)

    I’ve had this pack for about year and absolutely love it! One tip is sliding hemostats through the ring attached to the shoulder strap and pinching them onto the tab above the bottle sleeve. This keeps them from dangling and provides easy access while the pack is on your back, allowing quick release of a fish without swinging the pack around.

    -It’s on the left shoulder, perfect for right-handed casting. I don’t understand why so many companies don’t understand this…
    -The insulated bottle sleeve is terrific for hot/cold drinks during the winter/summer. A 21 or 24 oz. Hydroflask fits perfectly.
    -Plenty of organization without going over the top. I use the pinch pocket for a small fly box to hold used, damp flies. Weight, indicators, floatant, and extra leaders fit in the zip pocket. The main compartment holds tons of fly boxes, along with snacks, gloves, buff, hat, etc.
    -I’m 99% sure that I catch more fish due to the Torchbearer patch.

    Cons (or “Really, it’s me, not you”):
    -It’s easy to overload this pack. The pack is so comfortable when first put on that it’s tempting to start throwing everything in the pack (and clipping on a heavy net), only to find yourself with a sore shoulder at the end of the day. “It’s a trap!” This is the most comfortable sling pack I’ve tried, though I think unavoidable for any pack with a single strap.
    -I wish they had two-tone packs available when I purchased and that I’d chosen a brighter color. I went with an all black pack because I thought it’d hide wear, however after a year of use, the pack looks like new. I might have to “gift” mine to the GF and buy a flashy new one after this season…

  7. (verified owner)

    I use my pack nearly every time I fish now. I got it originally for a five-day fly-in trip in B.C., and it was perfect. It held everything I needed, (except beer), for an entire day of fishing. Very comfortable, custom designed to sit on my right shoulder to cast left, and not a burden at all. It doesn’t slip, move around while you cast, and is easy to access. A great product. Thanks.

  8. The Beast attacks New Zealand!

    Just back from two weeks in the N.Z and I have to say I was totally pleased with my Beast.

    Krista & I spent our first week with Chris and Shauna Daughters at their Cedar Lodge, , outside Wanaka on the South Island. We did four days of Helicopter fly outs to a different river system inside the Mt. Aspiring National Park. In four days we fished the Hunter River, the Okuru River, the Dingle Burn and the Thomas River. They have a unique guide rotation system where you never fish with the same guide twice. Each day our new guide commented on my Beast wanting to know how I liked it and where to get one. They were all impressed by how much it carries. They were all wearing heavy, bulky tech vests and back packs so I think there was a little bit of equipment envy going on. The Beast was particularly awesome when we were pushing through the dense rain forested banks of the Okuru River on the West Coast. Since everything sits on my back there wasn’t anything to get caught in the thick under growth….”brilliant”!

    The second week we were on our own going to rivers we had previously fished and to some new ones we hadn’t been to before….the Greenstone/Capeles, the Nevis, the Route Burn and the upper Wiakia. My Beast easily and comfortably carried everything Krista & I needed for the day. I’m particularly grateful for the custom dividers you designed and added to my main compartment. They keep all six of my fly boxes totally organized and the “water bottle sleeve” easily fits my “Safe Water” purification bottle which gives us an endless supply of cold, clean water all day long.

    Thanks Scott for designing and customizing a great product.

    Chris Campion
    Coronado CA & Hanna UT

  9. (verified owner)

    After several months of debating wether to purchase a product from a “small” American company that no one I knew had purchased anything from I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a TL Beast for myself. The quality of the product, which included a couple of modifications I requested based on reviews from other owners is top shelf. The ability of the Beast to swallow all my “junk” on the water is greatly appreciated. The TL Beast is truly a beast when it comes to carrying everything you can imagine to take waterside.

    I have used it with early morning temp in the high 40’s that by mid afternoon had risen to the upper 70’s – the Beast was able to carry my discarded clothing layers in the synch straps and still stay in the middle of my back. Another plus for me was the ability to fit one of the new Yeti 18oz Rambler Bottles snugly into the insulated bottle sleeve.

    It is rare to find a company that responds when you make an enquiry, even harder to find one that delivers what you hoped for, Vedavoo did that for me.

  10. (verified owner)

    You’re reading the reviews, because that is what you should do before you spend your hard-earned cash on new gear. You can stop reading and add the Beast Sling to your cart. Seriously. You will not be disappointed.

    This is an incredibly well-made pack. I was worried that it wouldn’t be large enough. It’s the perfect size for a day pack. The main compartment easily carries a large C & F fly box (CF-3510F), a Pelican box (1040 Micro Case), leaders, indicators, split shot, a couple of Clif bars, and a PB&J sandwich for lunch. I could easily fit another large C&F fly box if I needed it. The tools and tippet I need on the water are in easy reach on the exterior straps. The water bottle sleeve is a perfect fit for my Grayl water filter bottle. The exterior straps hold a nano puff jacket if it’s cool, or a rain jacket if there are threatening clouds. I’ve also used them to securely strap on a second rod.

    It carries all of my stuff without ever getting in the way of my fishing. It slides smoothly around my shoulder, it sits perfectly horizontal on my front side, and carries evenly on my back. This is a pack made by people who spend their time off the water thinking about how they can improve every moment they have on the water, and it shows in every stitch. I’m proud to own the Beast Sling, and I’m happy every time I get to use it.

  11. (verified owner)

    Hands down the best pack on the market! I tried on every pack imaginable before ordering the Beast Sling and almost purchased one of the big name packs, but ordered a Beast Sling after reading a few reviews. Right from the start the customer service was excellent, all the way down to the personalized note from the builder of my pack, truly a great staff at Vedavoo!
    After fishing with the pack, I was amazed at how well the pack rides across the shoulder, never slipping or sliding around while casting, kind of forgot I had it on. Storage is plentiful and it swings around easily to access all my gear, couldn’t ask for anything more. Bottom line is that you won’t be disappointed in this pack and best of all it’s made here in the USA. Thanks to all the crew at Vedavoo for a great product and look forward to stocking up on more Vedavoo gear!

  12. By far my favorite and most used piece of gear! Handles everything I throw at it and the functionality of the pack is perfect.
    I use this pack through SD winter days streamer fishing for trout and it looks hardly broken in.
    If you want gear built to last a lifetime, look no further. Can’t wait to order my Seam Sling next…
    Homerun for the Voo!

  13. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with my Beast Sling. Follow the link for a more in-depth review with photographs –

  14. A great sling pack I have used the pack in both salt wading the flats and fresh water in both boats and wading up rivers a few times now and this pack really fits the bill.
    I have looked at the Arc Tippet holder and have considered adding it to the strap and this item would be a great addition s
    If it incorported a fly dryer to carry a few flys on top of Tippet and nippers.

  15. (verified owner)

    I ordered these from all the way over in Tasmania, Australia.
    After I ordered I had second thoughts about the Beast being too big and even losing smaller items out of it when it was “sideways” on my back.
    Scott contacted me in response to my query and was very helpful.
    I stuck with my order and took his advice to get the pinch pouches to keep really small items which you would not put onto the front of the Beast into together to safeguard them from potentially slipping out.
    I received my order within a few weeks – v promptly indeed.
    The quality of the materials, fit and finish are excellent. There is not a single loose thread or scraggy cut.
    My worry about the orientation of the opening was unfounded. The pouches are probably overkill, but we’re all gear junkies aren’t we?
    The Beast is a really good size for a days fishing including a roll for lunch, a drink and a few lollies. While its very solidly made, it is not too heavy at all. It’s certainly lighter than the Patagonia waist pack it replaces.
    The strap is both adjustable and opens using a buckle – which isn’t apparent on the photos etc, but is a good feature if you want to hang something from it or extract yourself quickly.
    These items are good fisherman’s designs, good industrial designs and aesthetically pleasing stuff as well.
    This sling design is so much better, in my view, than a waist pack or a vest. It’s easier to access your stuff as it pivots easily without twisting your trousers or shirt around your waist. It doesn’t need to be hitched up constantly or readjusted. It carries much lighter than a waist pack or a vest, doesn’t sag into the water when wading and, most importantly, gives you a handy place to hang your net.
    it also allows for a tight wading belt – which is important for safety but hopeless with a waist pack.
    As a left handed person I really appreciate the custom made nature of the sling leaving my left shoulder unencumbered by anything.
    In short, really quality stuff, excellent service and quick production and delivery.
    They don’t even rip you off with postage like many do on the net. Remember that when thinking about the price.
    In any event this stuff competes very well with the better US brands (which aren’t actually made in the US anyway) pricewise in Australia.
    I bet I’ll be fielding queries from my mates for ages.
    I wish we made stuff like this in Tasmania for all our flyfishers.

    This is an unsolicited review.

    Many Thanks!

  16. (verified owner)

    After a couple of trips to the Eastern Sierra, I’m now ready to post my review. My search for the right vest, pack or sling is now over. I cannot recommend the Beast Sling any higher. This sling rides very comfortably and securely on my back. Took a long hike down a steep rocky slope down to the water and then waded all day up a freestone river, and all the time the sling rode well, no swinging, swaying or shifting messing with my balance. When casting, you really do forget you have the sling on. Having a clean front gives an ease of movement that I never experienced with a vest. The pack holds lots of stuff, I think the only restriction on weight is how much you are willing to carry on one shoulder. As Scott recommends, a few pouches help keep things organized – I have three, one for my tenkara lines, one for leaders, and one for indicators and weights. I use a Tacky Tube to make up for the lack of a drying patch. I also have two forceps, one on the pack for rigging and one off my shoulder (when the pack is on my back) for unhooking fish. I really like how the pack simply and easily swings to the front, no annoying buckles and straps to undo. When swung to the front, the pack sits nice and high, making it easy to find things while rigging. I’m skinny, so one problem I had was the main belt buckle hitting and bruising my collar bone (I had a light tee shirt on). I solved this by affixing a neoprene patch for a layer of padding. This was a small issue. The material and workmanship is outstanding. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is the customer service. Scott was prompt and informative with this communications. Another small company that I am very happy to support.

  17. (verified owner)

    Bought the Beast sometime in May this year, got to use it only recently in Bosnia. Amazing package on my back, manage to have all the essentials needed for a day out on the waters and all in and at the right places. Fits comfortably and when I need stuff, the access is easy. Does what it says, a very practical sling pack indeed, am very pleased with it.

  18. I was given the Beast sling as a gift from dad and I’ve used my Beast for over three years now. I have fished with it an average of once per week over that span of time. Naturally, the velcro eventually wore down over the years of abuse. I then looked at all the other slings and hip packs on the market yet none were going to offer the same level of quality and thoughtfulness that is produced by Scott and the guys at Vedavoo. I called the shop and Scott told me to send the sling in for new velcro and he was going to put the buckle that is found on the updated version over the top flap for security. I got to keep my sling with sentimental value and save on buying a new pack! Amazing customer service.

    Well, I just got it back and, man, this thing is as good as new! The new velcro is as secure as ever and the buckle will ensure that I keep all gear secure when I inevitably over stuff my sling for a full days worth of gear! These guys are great with customer service and I would recommend this sling for anyone that carries some extra stuff on the water but also thrives on efficient functionality. This is an awesome product from a very sold company!

    PS: The rod holster and fly patch are top notch additions to any fly fisherman as well.

  19. Absolutely in love with this pack. I bought it at the fly fishing show in Lancaster PA, and within weeks the new one that I chose the color for was in my mailbox! This thing has been holding up so well thus far, and is able to haul whatever I can think of to bring to the water with me. I fit a multitude of fly boxes in there and it stays balanced and continues to fit in my back comfortably. I always appreciate the open flap, as I just sling the pack around and all my boxes are easily accessible. Great product, highly recommend. Big thanks to Scott and everyone at vedavoo for producing a high quality sling pack

  20. (verified owner)

    Updated Review****

    Three years and countless days on the water later and my original Beast sling is still my go-to whether I am on the water personally, or guiding clients. The durability cannot be overstated – this is one hell of a quality product. Sure, after a few seasons it might have a strong, pungent odor of salmon and man – but it has performed flawlessly since the day it came into service. This isn’t one of those packs that comes with the promise of everything you’ve ever wanted, just to fall far short of providing you with basic wants and needs once you make a commitment to it. The Beast is there when you need it – no games and no gimmicks. Because of an abundance of storage, you can keep gloves and a jacket with you on the water for when things get dark and stormy. It’s only on your back when you put it there; and when you want it to flip around and lay on your belly, all you need to do is give it a little tug. You can stuff it as full as you want and it will never rip or tear. With enough room for a Bugger Beast Jr and several tacky boxes, you can carry enough flies for yourself, your mooch friends, or that girl you keep trying to impress with your giant zonker.

    The Beast sling is the best bang for your buck without going to Vegas, and i’ll bet my guide career on that statement. You’ll never find a better, more comfortable, more functional pack than this one for the money. It keeps everything organized and where I need it, and is ready at a moments notice when I feel like getting waist deep. Vedavoo is by the people, for the people, and built by home grown American’s in America. Buying one is a big “eff you” to China and sweat shop labor, and a big thumbs up to American design and ingenuity. So if you are tired of the same old sling packs that require extra straps just to stay put, or burst at the seems when you demand too much from them, look no further than the beast. Women will love you, fish will fear you, and you’ll go to the river with confidence knowing you made the right choice.

  21. (verified owner)

    SO I’m going to write this review, even though nobody outside the company will ever see it. Anytime there is only 5 star reviews on a website, it’s pretty obvious that you are only seeing the good ones. Anyway, here it goes. In my 30+ years of fly fishing, I have been on a quest for the perfect vest,pack,bag whatever for about 15 of those years. I was an early sling pack adopter, and I like it, but certainly far from perfect. So when the $$200$$ dollar Vedavoo came around, I figured I would give this one a shot. I ordered without realizing the turn around time. I wanted to get the pack for a trip, and it didn’t look like it would arrive in time. I e-mailed asking if they could have the pack to me by July 25. I never got a response from them at all. If there was a response that just said, sorry man we can;t make it, I would have been totally satisfied. Nothing. Bear in mind this was around 3 weeks before my trip. It’s not like I was asking to cure cancer here. Anyway, trip came and went without the Vedavoo. As a complete kick in the nuts, they mailed it on the 25th. Thanks a lot.

    I put the pack into service and fished with it several times before this review. So in my quest to find the perfect pack in Vedavoo, I instead discovered the absolute worst pack I have ever fished with. I would rather just put my flies in the pockets of my jeans than use this pack. Guess what? There is a reason sling packs have that extra chest strap. The Vedavoo slides around like crazy. I spent a good portion of my time slinging this stupid thing around back. where it was supposed to be. It might work fine if you fish in a vacuum and never move, but if you are wading a rocky stream, or ducking around in the woods while moving down the river, this thing is all over the place. At first I figured I just had to tighten the strap down a little, but it was no help. So I tightened the strap down to the point of discomfort, and it helped, but the pack still slid all over my back, side, front. Basically everywhere except where I wanted it. Also, with the strap tight, it rides up on your neck. So when you swing it around, you get the strap dragging around your neck. Nothing like a little rope burn added in to your pack sliding around like otter snot all day. This thing just never felt right. It felt super heavy, and just not distributed correctly. I always knew this thing was there. I thought maybe I had just brought a bunch of stuff with me because the pack is huge, but it’s the same stuff I have in every pack, and I never noticed it like with this thing. The water bottle pocket is a good idea, poorly executed. It’s not adjustable in any way, so as long as you have the exact size bottle you are good to go.

    SO what’s good about this thing? It looks pretty cool. I like the outside gear management stuff. I really like the compression straps on the bottom for rain gear, extra rod, whatever. The problem is that none of these features make this an even marginally useable pack. I love the idea of a hand made pack in the US, but this thing misses the mark by a very long shot.

    • (verified owner)

      Alas – it can’t all be good news. Really sorry to hear that your pack isn’t fitting well. I admit – there is no perfect system, and though we’ve had great results with the vast majority of our customers, there are cases like yours where it misses the mark.

      This said, I’d love to try and dial things in for you if you’re open to it. We do have a small loop built into all our slings now to support addition of a security strap (if/as needed). Beyond this – happy to try and see what I can do to make it more comfortable for you.

      As for our delay in getting it to you for your trip – no excuses. We do our best to hit the mark as much as we can – sorry we missed it here for you.

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Product Specs


WEIGHT: 16.2 oz.

VOLUME: ~236 CI (POUCH) + Added Storage (Zipper Pocket, Deep Storage Pocket, Water Bottle Sleeve, and tippet / tool anchors)

RELATIVE CAPACITY: 1 Bugger Beast Jr. Flybox + 2 Tacky Fly Boxes; 4 Bugger Barn Flyboxes + 2 Tacky Boxes; 12 Tacky Boxes


ORIGIN: Handmade in the USA with American Materials

MORE INFO: Originally designed to haul the Cliff Beast Jr. Flybox, this pack comfortably carries larger loads. The Beast keeps them securely on your back until you need them. Pulled to the front, you have quick access to tools, tippet, flies, water, and other gear to keep you fishing more with less frustration.

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