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#15: 1952 USA Olympian Uniform Patch Reel Case

ORIGINAL 1952 USA Olympian Uniform Patch on this VERY Special One-of-a-Kind Reel Cover

This patch was acquired by a collector during the ’84 Olympics while he was volunteering in support of the Los Angeles games.  It is an ORIGINAL UNIFORM PATCH  for an American Olympian – worn (last) during the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland.   This same patch was produced for several games – and could have been worn in earlier games as uniforms were often re-used during this period.  It is noteworthy that a patch of this type and production methods was worn by Jesse Owens when he won the Gold in Berlin in 1938.

 – Hand Made in the USA –

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Sold out!

  • Covers and protects your reel from the elements without kinking your line.
  • When on a strung rod, the Kimono-Cut on the side lets your line flow freely to the stripping guide, kink free.
  • 18 oz. Waterproof Raft Vinyl Shell
  • Lining of soft, micro-fleece bonded to a layer of open-cel foam for protection
  • L – For Up to 4″ Diameter Reels / Spool (7-8 wt reel case)
  • 2.5 oz. based on Size


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