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Casting Across – Our friend and Vedavoo Torchbearer Matthew Lourdeau is a wealth of fly fishing knowledge, and if you haven’t, you should give his podcast a listen. I (CARF) am also a fan of Matthew, because he’s a Chicago Bears fan!

Episode 91: 3 More Fly Fishing “I Wish I Knew Thens”
Episode 92: Don’t Take Fly Fishing Too Seriously
Episode 93: 3 Ways to Shake Up Fishing Dry Flies
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Brown Trout and Bridge Beers – My friends (Grant Meyer and Matt Ebbers) from the Midwest that are all about the Driftless Area brown trout, fly tying, and drinking Hamm’s beer on bridges. They’re a fun crew and I enjoy listening to them, even though I am no longer allowed on the podcast (I ruin everything).

Episode 19 – Firehole Outdoors spills the beans on weight management
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I typically listen to bunch more podcasts, but it was a busy month. When you’re editing video, it’s kind of hard to listen to other things. If you have any recommendations for other podcasts we should check out drop a comment below! Always on the look out for others.

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