Patrón Cork Fighting Butt November 19, 2019 – Posted in: Learning

I have a classic 10wt from Scott. I landed my first Striper and my first Albie on it. Then kids happened… and the fighting butt got smashed. I figured out how to make it whole again…

  1. Drink Patrón, Keep Cork
  2. Trim up broken cork on the rod
  3. Cut away the stem of the Patrón cork with a razor
  4. Find center and drill out a hole for the butt of the blank to drop into
  5. Apply a Flexible Gel Super Glue to both pieces and join them together
  6. Drink Patrón / Sleep / Fish / Repeat

Note: this is a Hack for those who find perfection in the imperfect… and may encourage you to enjoy tequila and tacos. PSA! Don’t use sharp and pointy things after Drinking.

It is not required to take a shot of Patrón after landing rad fish on your new
“custom” rod. It can be fun however!  SALUD!!!

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