“Other” Fly Fishing Tools – Top Three Thursday June 14, 2018 – Posted in: Vedavoo

What if you could only grab three fly fishing tools to compliment your nippers and forceps?

With multiple pages of catalogs and entire walls of fly shops taken into consideration, what would your top three be?

Here’s ours:

  • Head Lamp: If the fish keep biting, you need to keep fishing. If the fish keep biting after the sun goes down, then you’ll be out of luck when you have to tie a knot, untangle a line, or safely wade back to your car… unless you have a head lamp.
  • Hook File: Dull hooks lead to missed fish. Whether they be deceivers fished for stripers or slump busters swung for browns, streamers that hit rocks and limbs need to be touched up. This ensures a good hook set and a better catch rate.
  • Nail Knot Tool: What is that straw in the picture? Well, it is a budget nail knot tool. There are a lot of knots you can tie with just your hands, but the nail knot isn’t one of them. If your line/leader connection breaks down on the water, a nail knot is the only solution that will allow you to keep fishing well. There are real nail knot tools we have and use, but this notched straw works great in a pinch.

What would your top three look like? Which “other” fly fishing tool did we leave out? Was it your favorite? Let us know below!

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