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What are the three patterns for fly fishing in the mountains?

Who doesn’t love a little blue lining? Whether it be brookies in New England, cutthroats in the Rockies, or goldens on the West Coast, there is something incredibly fun about finding fish in mountain streams. Although these trout are usually eager to eat, there are some flies that perform better than others. Here are our three of our favorites. What would your top three be?

  • Humpy It is the dry that does it all. High floating, easy to see, and trout-triggering. I don’t think the color matters much… but yellow is the best.
  • Stonefly Nymph Not every pool is good for fishing dries. Some deep plunge pools (the kind that hold the 12″ monsters) require something with weight. Big, buggy stoneflies are the attractor pattern of nymphs.
  • Parachute Adams It takes some discipline to not use the same bushy dry on every run. But certain spots, like long glassy pools or pressured riffles by the trail, require a little more finesse.

So, what did we leave out? What are your favorite mountain fly patterns? What would your top three look like? Let us know below!

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