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It has been so fun over the years to see our work reviewed and discussed on sites and in publications around the fly fishing world… but it remains that the words of our customers carry the greatest weight with our team.   The life of a pack builder is often thankless… so it goes without saying that unsolicited words like these (below, presented as received) truly keep our tanks full.  Hearty thanks to Simon and to our other friends and fellows who have dropped over their thoughts and shared reviews on our site and forums over the years.  Scott

I ordered these from all the way over in Tasmania, Australia.  After I ordered I had second thoughts about the Beast being too big and even losing smaller items out of it when it was “sideways” on my back.
Scott contacted me in response to my query and was very helpful. I stuck with my order and took his advice to get the pinch pouches to keep really small items which you would not put onto the front of the Beast into together to safeguard them from potentially slipping out.
I received my order within a few weeks – v promptly indeed.
The quality of the materials, fit and finish are excellent. There is not a single loose thread or scraggy cut.
My worry about the orientation of the opening was unfounded. The pouches are probably overkill, but we’re all gear junkies aren’t we?
The Beast is a really good size for a days fishing including a roll for lunch, a drink and a few lollies. While its very solidly made, it is not too heavy at all. It’s certainly lighter than the Patagonia waist pack it replaces.
The strap is both adjustable and opens using a buckle – which isn’t apparent on the photos etc, but is a good feature if you want to hang something from it or extract yourself quickly.
These items are good fisherman’s designs, good industrial designs and aesthetically pleasing stuff as well.
This sling design is so much better, in my view, than a waist pack or a vest. It’s easier to access your stuff as it pivots easily without twisting your trousers or shirt around your waist. It doesn’t need to be hitched up constantly or readjusted. It carries much lighter than a waist pack or a vest, doesn’t sag into the water when wading and, most importantly, gives you a handy place to hang your net.
It also allows for a tight wading belt – which is important for safety but hopeless with a waist pack.
As a left handed person I really appreciate the custom made nature of the sling leaving my left shoulder unencumbered by anything.
In short, really quality stuff, excellent service and quick production and delivery.
They don’t even rip you off with postage like many do on the net. Remember that when thinking about the price.
In any event this stuff competes very well with the better US brands (which aren’t actually made in the US anyway) pricewise in Australia.
I bet I’ll be fielding queries from my mates for ages.  I wish we made stuff like this in Tasmania for all our flyfishers.
This is an unsolicited review.
Many Thanks,
Simon Brown
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