Workshop Journal

Vedavoo X Streamwalker Nets

“Because we can! And it if we can, we should.” That is why Leif Mermagen, owner of Streamwalker Nets, believes in Better American Gear. Starting this year, Streamwalker and Vedavoo are collaborating to bring some cross-branded nets to fly fishers. Vedavoo and Streamwalker have a lot more in common than just American-made fly fishing gear.…read more.

Show Your #myvedavoo & Win!

We love seeing people using Vedavoo gear on social media. Anglers from all over tag us in their pictures, and it gives us a chance to see where the gear we build gets to go. From brookies in our New England backyard to cutthroats in Wyoming to tarpon in the Keys, it is a privilege…read more.

Taking Vedavoo Into A New Season

At Vedavoo, we know that fly fishers don’t settle. Whether it be the pursuit of fish or the pursuit of equipment, anglers always are looking for more efficient and more effective. We get that because we are fly fishers. That is why Better American Gear has always been about well-made, functional equipment. For this season,…read more.

Hiking Up to Better Spring Fishing

Every year the arrival of spring means back to fishing. Even though I fly fish twelve months out of the year, there is still something special about nicer weather, active trout, and even the opening of formal trout season. However, my enthusiasm for the turning calendar is sometimes squelched by two unavoidable parts of spring:…read more.

VEDAVOO VISE: Tying Community Together

It the short history of VEDAVOO VISE, the monthly fly tying event at the Vedavoo workshop, we’ve seen the creation of some impressive flies. Seasoned tiers have produced microscopic midges, cutting-edge saltwater patterns, and intricately articulated streamers. Plus, someone tied a fly that lights up. And another guy wove mop material. And a few people…read more.

Packing for a New Fly Fishing Season

Spring is here! Technically, at least. Whether you live somewhere still covered in snow or a place where you’ve been fishing solidly throughout the winter, “spring cleaning” is a concept that can and should apply to your gear. If you have been stuck indoors, you might want to just grab your sling or vest and…read more.

Andrea Larko

I’ve fished since I was old enough to throw a rod in the water while trying to cast and have my father go in after it. My 3 sisters and I grew up fishing the water around Pennsylvania and my mother told me we used to run to the water like we were going to…read more.

VEDAVOO at the Shows

Fly fishing expos are always a great experience for the angling community. This winter, we were at The Fly Fishing Show in Colorado, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania; and also the Bear’s Den Fly Fishing Expo in Taunton, Massachusetts. It was excellent to have hundreds of friends, both new and familiar, stop by the booth to…read more.


A world-renowned artist, Time Out New York magazine named Borbay their Most Creative New Yorker. He defaced Andy Warhol’s Marilyn and Major League Baseball hung it up in their Fan Cave. His collages incorporating New York Post headlines became a New York Post headline. He is painting the Guggenheim each year for 20 years, and…read more.

Alex Poland

My name is Alex Poland. I am an avid fly fisherman and artist. A jack of all trades in most respects, but my true passion lies within fishing and the inspiration I find to paint from it. I grew up in a family filled with artistic talent. My mother, grandmother, and great grandmother were all…read more.

Jake Keeler

Minnesota based artist and avid fly fisherman,  I grew up learning to fish on the Mississippi River, while spending the rest of my free time drawing dragons, Wolverine, cyborgs, dragon-cyborg-Wolverines while listening to a rotation of heavy metal and classic hip hop cassette tapes with my brother. I have an MFA in painting and drawing…read more.

Derek DeYoung

Derek DeYoung was born on a bayou near the shores of Lake Michigan where his love of fishing was ignited. Over the years his art has veered from the classical fishing art, placing more importance on using a unique style and palette. Using oil paints on canvas, he artfully captures all the subtle intricacies fish…read more.

For a Good Cause

This past weekend, I stood on our town green with a covered heart for the parade of flag bearing, uniformed veterans, representing generations of service from WWII to the latest conflict abroad.  Love it or hate it, there’s a real price paid for the lifestyle we love – and I count it a PRIVILEGE to honor those who assume…read more.

The Future of Lake Ontario is in it’s Tributaries

A few months back, I wrote a post that shared a really well thought message about the state of New York’s Salmon River, put together by local angler and shop owner, Malinda Barna.  Having personally witnessed the mass die-off of Steelhead that happened on the river a few years back, this was (and remains) a serious issue of…read more.

A Few Kind Words

It has been so fun over the years to see our work reviewed and discussed on sites and in publications around the fly fishing world… but it remains that the words of our customers carry the greatest weight with our team.   The life of a pack builder is often thankless… so it goes without…read more.

Our Tacky Hack

While I was at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show doing demos with my personal gear, a number of visitors to the booth were really excited to see my “Hacky” boxes – which I made by combining an Original Tacky Flybox and a Tacky Big Bug Box. For me – “pulling the pin” gave me less…read more.

Last Minute? No sweat!

For the many who’ve given us the opportunity to be a part of your holiday celebration… our thanks! Small businesses like ours thrive because of the support from folks like you – and the families behind our work are proud to build for you! But if you (like me) are down to the wire and…read more.

Pimping out My Vedavoo for Christmas Island

WRITTEN and SUBMITTED by JOEL BAIOCCHI This unsolicited (but much appreciated) post is from a happy Vedavoo Customer who took the time to share his story and details about his setup for others in our community. Though there is no right / wrong way to load up your pack, Mr. Baiocchi clearly has found a…read more.

Stand for NY’s Salmon River

My first was caught near the mouth of Alaska’s Kenai River. My last on the tribs of Lake Ontario. East or west, rare or in plenty, few things stand more true in my mind as symbols of Winter than the cold pursuit of hot chrome. Long drives – riverside coffee – and stories wisely told…read more.

Reflection on Fly Fishing in Labrador

They say at first a fisherman wants to catch all the fish, and never can catch enough. Later on, as he becomes more mature in the sport, he wants to catch the biggest fish instead of the most. And finally, when he’s a seasoned angler, he wants to catch the TOUGH fish. Those individual fish…read more.

Back Roads & Killer Bows

On one of my trips back to waters outside of my home town in Wyoming, I stopped into the Reef Fly Shop to pick up a few flies for a solo mission. I snapped the lid on my fly puck, and as I walked toward the counter Jay Johnson walked through the door. Jay, Addison…read more.

A Call to Action for Tommorrow’s Anglers

There’s no secret behind my history in Scouting, and I will always look proudly back on my time in the program. I started as a Tiger, proceeded through Cub Scouts, and ultimately became an Eagle Scout. Along that journey, I gained skills in the Boy Scouts that I use and have used every day of…read more.

You spelled it wrong!!!

Anyone who has spent any time in Southern Wyoming knows about Vedauwoo… note the spelling. When I was looking for a name for our brand, I wanted to pick something that stood apart from other companies out there, was memorable, and represented the spirit of the outdoors behind everything we do. Vedauwoo (the park) was…read more.

The Blood Knot Simplified

I had the opportunity to meet the Vagabond Fly Mag gents from down in South Africa during the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show this past year – and they had me do a quick video demo of my method for tying the Blood Knot. I was shown a similar style for tying one of these…read more.


Every year, we organize our “REEL SERVICE” project to raise money to support worthy causes – pairing our best with the best from the industries best artists. This year, we dedicated the whole of the proceeds to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, and the veterans they serve. We hand-built a series of packs, bags, and…read more.

The Road Less Traveled

After a year of working with outside designers and factories, I was left with little more than $700 in the company account. To say that those were tough days would be a vast understatement. About that same time, I had two amazing conversations – one with Wayne Gregory (Gregory Packs) and one with Yvon Chouinard…read more.

Designing the Tightlines Sling

Needing something that didn’t exist drove me to design the Tightlines Sling. I’d had and used a series of other slings and messenger style packs from a broad range of makers – and though many were great packs, none of them really functioned like I wanted and needed, and all had things that drove me…read more.

Campfire Forum

Through this post, our aim is to give you a place to tell your stories, share your thoughts, and (like around a campfire) meet us / other Vedavoo users. Please comment freely and often 🙂 Scott