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Vedavoo Torchbearer JR Maggard created this as a mashup of the Tungsten Surveyor and the Higa’s SOS.  This pattern was a big producer as a dropper off my big drys on the local tailwater.  There are light and dark versions of the dubbing, so you can choose which variation you want.

Thread – UTC 70 RedHook – Firehole 551 (14) Bead – Silver Tungsten Slotted (3 MM) Wire – UTC Silver (Brassie Size) Wapsi Rainbow Sow Scud Dubbing (light)Pheasant tail fibersUTC pearl holographic tinsel.  Rainbow Krystal Flash

1. Put bead on hook.  Attach thread.  Form a thread dam to help hold the bead in place and then advance thread to the rear of the hook.

2. Take 5-6 pheasant tail fibers and tie in your tail all the way up to the bead then trim off excess.

3. Attach silver wire and tie in back to the base of your tail.

4.  Dub on a very thin amount of the dubbing onto your thread. You want to try to keep the body you make as thin as possible.  Wrap your body about 2/3 of the way back up the hook towards the bead to create the body.

5.  Wrap your silver wire up the body to create the ribbing/segmentation.  Tie off and helicopter off the excess wire.

6. Tie in your holographic tinsel for the flashback.

7. Dub on more dubbing and wrap to create your thorax.  This should be a little bit bigger than the rest of the body you tied.

8. Fold your tinsel over the thorax to create the flashback.  Tie off and trim the excess tinsel.  Your thread should now be right behind your bead.

9. Cut 4 small pieces of rainbow Krystal flash.  Tie in two on each side in the center of the cut pieces of krystal flash.  It should like a more traditional “X”.

10.  Fold the front legs back and make a couple wraps to help secure.  All four pieces that you have on each side should now be fanned out backwards.

11. Whip finish and trim your thread so you have a small hot spot of read thread behind your bead.  Trim your krystal flash legs to the desired length.

12. Use a bodkin to apply some super glue to your thread hot spot to increase the durability of your fly.

Now go fish!

Author: Vedavoo Torchbearer JR Maggard is a native Idahoan and avid fly fisherman.  The only thing he loves more than catching big fish is his beautiful wife. When he’s not loving on big fish and his wife, he enjoys kicking back in the outdoors and enjoying his favorite local IPA, Sockeye Dagger Falls.

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