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If you’re a fan of tube flies, you’re going to love this simple and quick sculpin pattern that Vedavoo Founder Scott Hunter tied.

Step 01: Set 1.25 inches of small tubing in your vise and wrap the center with approximately 12 turns of .025 non-lead wire.

Step 02: Start to wrap 140 denier olive thread over your wire, and then apply a bit of superglue over the wire to better hold it in place.

Step 03: Take an olive marabou plume, cut off the tip where the wire of the quill disappears. Then cut about 1/2 an inch below. (See step 03 photo below)

Step 04: Next preen out about 1/2 a pencil of dark olive extra select craft fur and cut as close to the base as possible.

Step 05: Holding the bunch of craft fur near the middle, and pull out the long fibers and save for a future fly.

Step 06: Tie in the rest of the craft fur on top of the marabou with the tips slightly longer than the marabou. Fold the excess back towards the tail and lightly distribute as you tie in.

Step 07: Blend a pinch of sculpin wool with the underfur from the craft fur you saved.

Step 08: Dub that blend on to your thread and cover the wire. Then brush it out with a dubbing brush. The sculpin wool will come free and can be preened toward the tail.

Step 09: Pull the fibers off that V of marabou you trimmed out earlier. One side on to one side of the fly, and the other…on the other.

Step 10: One more cutting of craft fur as before in steps 05 and 06. Don’t forget to save those longer fibers for another fly. Tie the medium ones on top, and put half and half the short underfur fibers on each side.

Step 11: Take a small Flymen sculpin helmet and pain the inside with superglue. Pull all the craft fur fibers rearward and slide the helmet over the tube, and press it firmly against the fibers.

Step 12a-c: Top should stay top, and the sides should stay on the sides. This fills the gap often left by the helmet, and gives body to the profile.

Step 13: Remove the tube from the vise, but leave the pin inside (if you’re able to). Use a lighter to melt the tip of the tube all the way back to the sculpin helmet. Push the pin forward to clear the passage of the tube.

Step 14: Similarly as step 13, mushroom out the back of the tube and slide a bit of hook-holding tubing.

Done – Go Fish It!

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