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Vedavoo Torchbearer Landon Brasseur shares a step by step on how to tie a perdigon nymph.

First things first, head to the kitchen and grab a beverage. Then put on some tunes.  Fly tying without either of those should be a crime. Next make sure you have all your tools and materials assembled where you are tying and ready to go.

Materials needed for this fly:

  • Thread of choice for the body.
  • Thread for collar preferably a brighter color.
  • Hends body material (For this particular fly PBF45).
  • Coq de Leon tailing material.
  • UV resin of choice (I personally like Loon Outdoors Thin).
  • UV Light to cure the UV resin.
  • Jig nymph hook (I used a size 16 for this one).
  • Slotted tungsten bead (I went oversized with a 3mm bead).

Step 1: grab your bead and hook and put them into your vise… 

Step 2: Take whatever thread color you have chosen for the body and go ahead and secure the bead in place with the thread.  I chose grey UTC ultra 70 denier thread here because the medium/dark color makes the body material I am using really pop with a blue/green/yellow iridescent color. The body material is usually pretty transparent and thread color here can make a big difference in final color.

Step 3: Tie in your Coq de Leon tail. I usually just use a medium speckled color for the majority of my nymphs.

Step 4: Now it’s time to tie in the Hends perdigon body material.  Try and slightly taper the body as you are tying this in. Wrap the body material all the way to the bead, tie off and snip. You can really even out the taper with the UV resin at the end.

Step 5: go ahead and throw in a whip finish with the thread you used for the body.

Step 6: Take your thread you chose for the collar.  I chose a UNI fl. Orange 72 denier. Give it a few wraps to create your collar and then go in and while finish.

Step 7: Here is the fun part, take your bodkin and a drop of your UV resin and apply to body from bead to tail.  You can really shape the body to a nice taper with a little practice if you feel it needs a little more bulk by adding a little extra resin.  Then take your UV light and hit it for a few seconds.

Step 8: Take some pics of your new nymph to send to all the euro nymph haters friends and proceed to tell them how many fish you will be catching with it while they are waiting on the bank for that hatch to happen.

Author: Torchbearer Landon Brasseur is a New York Fly fishing guide with Catskill Outfitters and an Esopus Creek local. He is a trout bum at heart but will fish for anything on a fly rod.  Landon is a Moonshine connoisseur 😉 with a love for nymphing but fetish a for dry flies. When he’s not fishing he is either playing with his camera, sitting behind the vise, thinking about fishing, hiking with his blue heeler or exploring the Catskills with the family.

Vedavoo Torchbearer Landon Brasseur

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