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If you’re in to utilizing the euro nymphing techniques of fly fishing, you’re going to absolutely love this fly! It’s fun and easy to tie, and it flat out works on the water. Tyler Umbenhen shares this step by step tutorial.

Materials List : 
Thread – Danvilles 70 Denier 6/0 Fluro Green
Hook – Trout legend J300 Size 12
Bead – 3.5 mm Slotted Uncoated Tungsten
Tail – Coq De Leon Feather in Dark Pardo
Rib – UTC Ultra Wire – Small Black
Collar – Hareline Olive Brown Ice Dub
UV Fly Finish – UV Clear Flow (Loon Outdoors)

Step by Step : 

1) Get your hook set into your vise , add your bead small hole first.
2) Begin your thread behind your bead, snip off the tag end.

3) Take 6-8 fibers of the Coq De Leon Feather (CDL) and tie in behind the bead, working your thread down to the bend of the hook. The tail should be about hook shank in length. Snip off excess the remaining tails extending by bead.

4) Take your wire and tie in behind the bead, taking thread again down to the bend of the hook, slowly begin to build a tapered body ending with thread behind the bead.
5) Counter wrap your wire back up to behind the bead, tie off wire. Put 2 securing whip finishes to hold the wire in place but DO NOT snip thread. Helicopter or snip off wire with some flush wire cutters. (or a crappy pair of scissors….don’t ruin your good ones!)

6) Take a small pinch of dubbing and make a short dubbing noodle on your thread. Begin to dub your collar behind the bead.

7) Whip finish, snip thread. 
8) Apply your UV resin to the body and wire wraps.
9) Using your UV torch , cure the body and wire wraps which you applied your UV resin for about 15-20 sec. 

10 ) It’s ready to fish!

Now take that fly and go hammer from trout from your local waters.


Author: Tyler Umbenhen is a Lieutenant Volunteer Fire Fighter and Licensed Fly Fishing Guide in Pennsylvania. When he’s not helping his community as a Volunteer Fire Fighter, he’s either helping clients catch fish or at the vise tying flies. In his down time he loves to explore new waters with his girlfriend in search of trout, their favorite species to target on the fly. Tyler is an open book and always willing to share his fly fishing and tying knowledge.

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