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“Why do two colors, put one next to the other, sing? Can one really explain this? No.”

– Pablo Picasso

Fly fishing has always been about olives, tans, browns. Every once in a while, a navy blue or an errant gray slipped in there. That palette, the normal and neutral, was a slim spectrum from which your gear received its color.

Never different. Never contrasting. Never bright.

Certain science and grandfatherly wisdom has perpetuated the idea that fish are scared by colors. Just like they are scared by noise. And basically, everything else. There is some truth to this. But it is the motion, the silhouette, the position of the angler that holds much more sway over the eye and the brain of the fish than the color of his or her pack.

So, bright it is.

Fly fishing is about expression. It always has been. The trout bum poets and the saltwater sunrise chasers wax eloquently, even if only to themselves between casts. The disorganization of a fly box has a personal, artful beauty to it that elicits equal parts complaint and smile. Battle-scarred cork grips are admired more than we realize.

Maybe you admire bright.

More than prone to self-expression, fly fishers are aesthetically oriented. It is the small things. Contrasts between spots and stripes. Contrasts between water and sky. Contrasts between rock and moss. The juxtaposition of two things triggers something in our minds that makes us notice. These are the focal points in nature that capture us. Why shouldn’t your person reflect that?

Perhaps it is your favorite jacket. Your lucky hat. Your bright pack.

You and everyone else knows that fly fishing is about much more than gear. But it absolutely isn’t about less. Being outdoors, pursuing and protecting resources is what drives most anglers. Time, energy, and effort go into that. Still, there is space within that to think about colors. To think about expression. To think about the little things that we admire.

Even if for a moment during a day on the water, the colors of something bright like a pack might sing to you.


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