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What are the three best fly fishing foods you can stash in your pack?

You need to eat if you’re on the water for a prolonged period of time, so you might as well keep things tasty. Here are our top three choices. What would your top three be?

  • Energy Bars – Leaving the water to get a burger won’t work when the fish are biting. Not eating leads to hangry fishing: bad casts, harsh words for companions, and a less than stellar effort. Bars are meals you can bring on the water with you. Our pick: Cliff Sierra Trail Mix
  • Jerky – There is no other foodstuff that exemplifies the outdoors more than jerky. It is energizing, has plenty of flavor, and is practically invincible. Plus, it is rugged and primal. Our pick: Epic Uncured Bacon & Pork
  • Beer – What? It is a food. Just make sure you keep it cold and enjoy it responsibly. Our pick: Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale

So, what did we leave out? What are your go-to snacks while fly fishing? What would your top three look like? Let us know below!

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