Fly Fishing the Feather River – Let’s Taco Bout It February 11, 2021 – Posted in: Community – Tags: , , ,

Carf: How did you get in to guiding on the Feather River?
Mario / Taco Fly Co.: I live in Quincy, CA which is in the heart of the “Lost Sierras” aka Plumas National Forest. The Feather River goes right through where we live. There are several forks, the North Fork, Middle Fork and South Fork. It’s accessible up and down the highway that goes though our city. An amazing fishery with super fiesty trout and a small amount of anglers when you compare it to neighboring watersheds. We actually have a designated “Wild and Scenic” section of the river here. That part is essentially behind us. It’s largely remote for most people so I was really excited to explore it’s beauty when I first moved here 3 years ago. I would hardly run into anyone when I would be searching for spots which made me fall more in love with it. There aren’t many guys guiding here so I wanted to apply for the special use permit to see if I would qualify. Luckily, I was granted the permit and now I can share what has helped enhance my life with others. Blessed to have ended up here and can’t wait for what’s ahead. 

Q: What’s been your number 1 producing fly this Summer on the Feather River?
Mario / Taco Fly Co.: Any euro style jig flies sz 16! Ha! Serious. These fish don’t get a lot of pressure so they’re really grabby at first pass with a perdigon, a pheasant tail jig, and also a carrot. Sz 16’s in the summer first pass. Then downsize when they stop biting. I’ll usually downsize my point fly once they get smart.

Q: Favorite story from the Feather River this year?
Mario / Taco Fly Co.: Well the screaming banshee in the woods during the middle of the day was pretty rad. I had a client with me too and we both looked at each other like, “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!” Maybe it was a dying animal. Maybe a grown animal saying, “Get the hell out of here!” or maybe it was just a banshee.

Q: What’s the funniest story you have from the river this year?
Mario / Taco Fly Co.: Man…there are so many dude.  Got to love it when your homie misses fish after fish after fish after fish…and then when he’s not looking, the bobber goes down and yanks the rod so hard the fish hooks itself and makes it to the net. Laughs all day with the homies. It seriously never stops. 

Q: Favorite on and off the water taco?
Mario / Taco Fly Co.: By far, my favorite taco on and off the water right now is a Lengua taco. I only need one I am good. 

Q: What’t the best beer for an Especial Beer?
Mario / Taco Fly Co.: Pacifico in a can by far is the best. Damn…my mouth is watering. 

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