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What are the three best YouTube channels for a fly fisher to subscribe to?

Today, every company has a YouTube channel. Heck, every angler with a GoPro and an internet connection has a YouTube channel. With all of that content out there, some is good and some is… not so good. Here are our top three choices. What would your top three be?

  • Catch Magazine – Nearly 50k subscribers can’t go wrong. There’s a rich catalog of spectacular angling footage in the 9+ year archive.
  • Loon Outdoors – There are a lot of fly tying channels out there. Loon’s videos fall into the “good” category. This is tying education at it’s best.
  • Trident Fly Fishing – Reviewing a product isn’t as easy as it might seem. The folks from Maine’s Trident Fly Fishing do an excellent job of breaking down the latest and greatest in the fly fishing industry.

So, who did we leave out? What is on your “must-watch” list? What would your top three look like? Let us know below!

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