Fly Fishing Gear You Can Leave At Home – Top Three Thursday September 13, 2018 – Posted in: Vedavoo – Tags: , , ,

What are the three pieces of fly fishing gear that you can do without?

Minimalism sounds great on paper. When it comes to execution, it is not that easy. What if I need it? There is always a chance I could use it! Those are the thoughts a lot of us have while packing for fishing. But there are some things that you probably don’t need on most trips. Here are three things we feel like we could do without on most trips… probablyWhat would your top three be?

  • Every Size of Tippet You don’t need 0X-8X. Simply doing away with the Coke can-sized stack of tippet will reduce the bulk of your gear significantly. Fishing for trout? Bring some 4X and 5X. Throwing poppers for smallies? Just put some 10lb. mono in your pack.
  • More Than 2 Indicators Why do you have a whole bag of different sized reusable strike indicators? Sure, you’ll lose one from time to time. But especially if you use screw-on floats, you only need one and a backup.
  • Flies You’re fishing an hour away, not in Kamchatka. You know what you need. Woolly buggers, hare’s ear nymphs, and whatever is hatching. All that will fit in one small box.

So, what did we leave out? What do most fly fishers normally carry that could be dispensed with? What would your top three look like? Let us know below!

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