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What’s your favorite snook story? One of my favorite snook stories was actually just a hard lesson learned from fishing with a guide in SW Florida. The guide pointed out 3 fish coming off of small flat into a canal and I made a cast to lead the fish and they started coming, I kept stripping and was getting to within 10 feet on the leader from the boat and I slowed the fly down to a stop t prevent the leader getting into the guides and the fish just slowly turned away…  The guide quickly told me, when they are after it, strip until you can’t, speed up if you can, but NEVER slow down or stop…  Hard lesson learned…

Fly Fishing for Snook

What are your top producing snook flies? If I am fishing mangroves, it is going to be an Enrico Puglisi (EP Flies) peanut butter baitfish, multiple colors (white and chartreuse). I also like a bullet baitfish fly, those work great on shallow backwater flats or pockets. On the beach it is hard to beat a Norm Ziegler Crystal Schminnow, or a Silverside Surf Candy tied by a friend of mine at CW Flies.

What kind of set up do you use/recommend – Rod/Reel/Line/Leader? You will get multiple answers for this, for most fish a 7 or an 8 weight will do, If I am targeting big fish along the beach, maybe I use a 9 weight, but for most, I am using an 8 weight.  My personal setup, is an Gloomis NRX 8 weight, with a Galvan Grip 8 fly reel, tropical weight forward line, leader setup is a total of about 7-8 feet total consisting of 3 1/2 feet of 50#, 2 feet of 40#, and 18″ of 30# florocarbon.

What areas do you look for when fly fishing for snook? Snook relate to structure unless they are cruising the beaches…whether it be mangroves, underwater rocks, and docks. Unless I am going dock light fishing, I like to target mangrove banks where the water is moving, often Snook will be there looking for easy meals.

Fly Fishing for Snook

Author: Claude Preston – I grew up in SW Georgia and came to fly fishing later in life and have been fly fishing for about 20 years now both freshwater and saltwater.  Thankfully the sport has been a great resource for me as well, I battled some health problems about 5 years ago and fly tying and fly fishing really helped with my recovery.  I was previously a writer for Southern Saltwater Fly Fishing Magazine where I focused on travel and gear articles.  If I could fish all day everyday it would be chasing Permit, in my opinion few things come close….I also enjoy teaching fly casting and hosting groups to introduce anglers to destinations they have not been.  I will be heading back to Turneffe Flats in September 2020 with a group.  Currently I am the Co-Founder with Jimmy Jacobs of On The Fly South which is an online journal of Fly Fishing based in the Southeast US.  We cover both domestic and international fly fishing destinations in the Southeast US and the Carribean, and currently have about 15,000 subscribers to our online journal and newsletter.  Look us up at On The Fly South and find us on IG  @ontheflysouth.

Author Claude Person and a big red fish.
Claude Preston and a big red fish

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