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Torchbearer Brien Hansen is one fishy dude and if you scroll through his Instagram feed you would see. Recently, I saw him post a picture of a humungous carp on his Instagram feed, and I just had to reach out to him for the scoop on what flies he has success with while fly fishing for carp.

Fly Fishing for Carp with Brien

Q: Favorite carp story?
Brien Hansen: Back in the college days, our fly fishing club (Panther Fly Fishing) used to do trash cleanups and fly casting clinics down at this literal puddle called Panther Hollow Pond. It was a tiny man-made pond, completely surrounded in concrete, and absolutely LOADED with 3″ bluegill and about 6 trash-eating carp. For 2 years we tried to catch those carp in the murky, algae infested water to no avail. But during the last finals week of school myself and Dan Zaz decided to go chase these elusive creatures one last time. We got down to the pond and to our shock the pond was actually gin clear and had several carp cruising around feeding. Within the first couple casts of bombing unweighted sucker spawns out in front of the cruising fish, we had one come over, look at the fly, and suck up the fly on the fall. We landed 2 carp that day and I’ll never forget the feeling of weight off our shoulders as we prepared to leave that pond behind for good. See attached photo.

Q: Favorite carp fly for moving water (rivers/creeks)?
Brien: Bead Head sucker spawns (light colors). These things sink softly and are easily seen from a ways off to know when to set on the eat. Also, an obligatory mention should be made for the trusty mop. A hungry carp cannot pass up a Chartreuse mop.

Q: Favorite carp fly for still water?
Brien: Honestly, same thing as above. Just maybe unweighted. The softer the splash on the cast the better.

Q: If you could only fish 1 carp fly which one would it be?
Brien: If the last 2 answers weren’t enough of a clue. Cream/light orange bead head sucker spawns.

About Brien Hansen:  
I’m a full-time Process Engineer with a full-time fly fishing addiction. For the last 5 years I’ve been hardcore chasing pretty much anything that wants to bite. From carp to steelhead to small jaws I don’t discriminate.

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