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You know what fly fishing with streamers is all about: Heavy.

Heavy rods. Heavy lines. Heavy flies. Heavy fish.

Whether it be the salt, the bass pond, or the trout river, big streamers produce big fish. Fly fishers have known this for a long time, and anglers have been pushing the envelope as they chase the most aggressive fish out there. The fly fishing industry has responded in kind. Rods, lines, and tying materials catering to meat chuckers are all the rage.

But having all that gear won’t help one bit unless you know how to use it. In fact, that heavy gear can be intimidating and frustrating to the uninitiated. There are some spectacular resources out there. Strip Set by George Daniels and Fusion Fly Tying by Greg Senyo are essential books for the serious streamer fisher. YouTube videos from all the usual suspects are worth a watch. And, probably most helpful, there are guides who are ready and willing to teach you how to utilize that heavy gear in order to get into fish.

All that said, there are some quick ways to make your streamer fishing a little more comfortable and productive. While you should never shortchange the process, here are three simple things you can do to make your time with heavy flies easier:

Go Large Don’t take your 6-weight out to throw 1/0 flies for bass or trout. Can you do it? Yes. Is it going to be fun? Not after an hour or so. If you’re committed to fishing heavy flies all day, then go big. Bring that 8-weight to the river for trout. Dial up your saltwater rod to a 10 if you are going to have giant dumbbell eyes and a dense line. Casting a heavier rod will still take a toll, but your casting motion will be natural and your accuracy will improve greatly.

Go Late You won’t have to spend a dime to take advantage of this tip. Fish will eat streamers all day long. Science and experience tell us that your chances of getting into the really heavy fish increase as the sun is going down. Big fish don’t get big because they’re careless. They wait, and they feel more secure at night. Even if you concentrate on those twilight hours, you’re playing the percentages favorably.

Go Light (where you can) Wait, isn’t the streamer game about heavy? Yes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cut corners to make your fishing a little easier. Throwing big flies on big rods all day will wear down even the most vigorous fly fisher. So, cut back on what you’re carrying. De-bulk your gear and save all the energy you can. If you tie, this applies to your materials. Consciously decide when and where you use naturals and synthetics. A fly might seem little on the bench, but when it is saturated it’ll feel like a 3oz lead weight.

You know what fly fishing with streamers is all about. With all that heavy gear, it is about fishing harder. But if you’re committed to fishing smarter you’ll enjoy yourself, and the heavy fish you catch, a lot more.


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