Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve heard from our customers, and our answers. Hope this helps!


How long will it take me to get my pack?

We don’t have an inventory – but rather hand build each piece of gear to order so that we can take customer needs into consideration as we build. Left Handed? Can do! Want a Red and Orange pack? No sweat! This naturally takes us more time to deliver your order. During busy seasons around holidays, pre-season rush, or when we’re setting up new stores with our wares, timelines can expand based on how much we have in the pipeline for build when we get your order. In general, we typically build and ship most orders in 3-4 weeks from the date of order – and obviously sooner if we can finish sooner.

I have a trip coming up and am wondering if I can get my new pack in time

If you have a specific date that you need to receive your order by, we are happy to try and meet that date if we can. Just be sure to note the date in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” section during checkout. Though we may not be able to meet all such requests, we have been able to ramp up production on a pack order in some cases in the past. Just bear in mind that additional shipping charges may apply if we have to use an expedited service to get it to you in time.

Will I get a tracking number when you ship?

Absolutely! We ship using the USPS, and prepare packages with aid of a postage program. As we print the labels, this software sends out a message to our customers with a copy of the tracking number to follow.

Do you have a sale coming up?  Can I get free shipping?

Small businesses like ours must be cognizant of our costs wherever they lie.  In our case, we chose to put a heavier focus our costs on quality drivers first.  We use domestically produced materials and hardware wherever we can – with fabrics, buckles, zipper, webbing, closures, and even our sewing thread being of domestic production.  Further, hand-building each piece to order carries it’s own extra costs that those who are producing in volume overseas do not have.  Though we do not offer regular sales, we do reward our followers through occasional special events through our CAMPFIRE list and to members of our TORCHBEARERS.


I’m Left Handed… Can you build a sling for me?

Absolutely! Because every pack we ship is hand-made to order, building for a lefty is no sweat. We simply flip the pattern over when we trace to cut, then build in reverse. To order yours left-handed, make sure to check the “LEFT HANDED BUILD” box as you add your sling to your shopping cart.

I’m 6’8″ and 300 lb… (or)… I’m 5’3″ and 110 lb… will your pack fit me?

Our core packs are built with a default sizing that covers the core 80% of anglers out there – – – but we aren’t all built the same! So, if you’re an NFL Lineman, or shop in the kids section for clothes, we can and often DO make adjustments in our work to better cover your needs. Because we build each pack to order, if we have information about what you need, we can add to or shorten the strap(s) on our packs during the build to help make your pack fit better out of the box. Simply tell us how you’re built in the “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION” box during checkout. If we have any questions, we’ll reach out directly for you to clarify.

How well do your packs fit women?

We recently launched our new DAMSEL SLING – a pack with a 4-way stretch harness designed specifically to conform to a ladies’ curves.  The Damsel quickly earned recognition from Trout Unlimited, Hatch Magazine, and Field & Stream – who dubbed it as one of the 6 Women’s items in “Top New Products for 2018“.

In general, our slings are designed to rest more securely on your back while you fish – but for this to work, the pack needs to be adjusted to fit snugly (2 fingers should slide in under the strap pretty easily). For most women, the cross strap of the sling can drop between your breasts; while some prefer to wear the sling over the top of both breasts. Either can (and does) work, but ultimately, it comes down to what you’re most comfortable with when you get it, and balancing snug fit with front-side comfort.


Are your packs waterproof?

Though or work is not submersible, we have done our very best to design and build gear that’s good at keeping water out. We use American Woven Cordura nylons – 1000 Denier on the outer and 500 Denier as our lining. BOTH fabrics are coated on the back side as a barrier for moisture – and we sandwich these coated sides between the layers of fabric for lasting durability. Both fabrics also have DWR (Durable Water Repellant) on them. Over time, aftermarket silicone treatments do a good job of extending the life of your gear.

How do we clean our packs and gear?

Our packs like to get rinsed off from time to time and hung to dry. You can also spot treat them with a mild detergent. Officially, the folks at Cordura say that “Soil may be removed with spray cleaner or detergent and water. Avoid chlorine or bleach based cleansers.” You will also want to avoid using washing machines / dryers on your gear. These methods damage the fabrics and their treatments, and we unfortunately can’t warrant products damaged by these methods of cleaning.

How does your Velcro hold up?

We use American Made Industrial Velcro closures for our packs and wallets.  This is the most durable and strongest closure in it’s class.  However, if after heavy use the bond starts to decline, you can extend the life of your gear.  Do this by keeping the hook side free from other fibers (like hair and fuzz), and keeping the loop side… well, loopy.  The best tool for both of these is actually a clean wire brush.  It can help you remove foreign fibers from the hooks, and help you to restore the loop side with a circular brushing.  In time, if your Velcro loses it’s pluck, we are happy to replace it for a nominal charge and return shipping – just CONTACT US.


What two colors look best? Which look best together?

We’ve worked hard to build up a library of fabric colors to give you an opportunity to have us build a pack that is truly YOURS. Olive and Slate are great sellers for us – because they just WORK! Olive is a great base for traditional tan’s – or for anglers wearing Simms, Orvis, Dan Bailey, and other waders with tans as the base. Slate is perfect for a cooler color spectrum – and for anglers who wear Patagonia waders. But for a lot of our customers, our work is about being DIFFERENT! Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue – pick your poison, and we’ll build it for you. You can also mix two by selecting a 2 COLOR build from the colors dropdown, then pick your primary and secondary colors.  In the interim, take a look at our COLOR CHART and see what strikes you.

Do you take orders for custom items?

Sorry, but effective 9/1/2017, we no longer consider custom projects.  This said, some of our best products started with requests for custom gear. If you have something in mind, please send us your idea through our CONTACT US page.

Can I customize one of your existing packs?

Though we can adjust the length of the straps to improve fit, or build with colors that match your unique tastes, we typically do not consider changes to our standing products.  If your need is an addition to an existing product like removing extra connection points, adding loops for mounting a Tenkara rod to a sling, etc., we may be able to consider this for a nominal charge – just CONTACT US up front to make sure we can do what you need before you place your order.  As above though, we no longer consider custom projects.  For this reason, requests for extra pockets, fold down platforms, different closures, or other features that force change to existing patterns or creation of new patterns are a ‘no’

Don’t see your question answered above? CONTACT US! and we’ll be happy to answer your questions as soon as we can!