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Remember a few weeks back when the Top Three Thursday post had to do with non-fishing fall favorites? Well, I totally missed the boat on one of the best parts of Autumn for the majority of the country: fairs.

And truth be told, I’m surprised no one called me out on it.

So to atone, and to relive the day I just had, here are the top three fair foods you can’t miss:

  • Sausage Italian, bratwurst, corn dog. I don’t care. Just have one. Or three.
  • French Fries Here’s the secret: find the longest line. They’ll be coming to you so hot and fresh that you’ll melt your tongue if you try to eat them ASAP.
  • Fried Dough You might eat funnel cakes or elephant ears. You might top it with apples or just powdered sugar. But there is no denying the delicious power of fried dough.

Take a Saturday off the water and take the family or your friends to the fair. Then let us know what we left out. What are your favorite non-fishing fair food things about fall? What would your top three look like? Let us know below!

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