Drifting, Liberation, and Fly Fishing May 1, 2018 – Posted in: Vedavoo

It isn’t a stretch to say that fly fishing itself can be very liberating. Standing knee-deep in a river might not strike the uninitiated as being particularly freeing, but once you’ve experienced it you know. As you move further and further away from civilization and roads and cell coverage, that liberation feels more real.

Push off shore in a drift boat, raft, or kayak, and your emancipation is tangible.

Gliding from pool to riffle in a sleek fiberglass drift boat is the precise idyllic image many have when contemplating fly fishing. Yet even paddling a canoe around shoreline weedbeds of a community pond takes an afternoon spent chasing panfish to another level. Perhaps it is the physicality of rowing or being subject to the same currents that fish are feeling. Being on the water that makes a difference.

There are plenty of benefits that come with fly fishing from a watercraft.

You can access water that wading anglers simply cannot reach. On popular rivers, drifting a matter of minutes away from the easy access puts you in front of fish that haven’t seen the same flies over and over again.

You can cover more water more efficiently. Whereas trees or eddies might present insurmountable obstacles to the shore-bound angler, someone skilled on the oars can put a fly fisher in the perfect position to make a good cast.

You can bring a greater selection of gear and supplies while fishing. Whether it be rods for every situation or drinks to commemorate the occasion of being on the water, having a boat takes the burden of carrying stuff off your back.

You can enjoy the day with some good company… if you so choose.

Regardless of why or how you choose to float, there is an additional component of adventure that accompanies this method of fly fishing. A boat can take you places that your car and even your feet literally can’t go. And although pursuing fish is the stated purpose of fly fishing outings, anglers know that there is so much more involved.

Pulling oars through water or simply feeling the flow move you along with the river engages something exciting. The skill and the nuance that comes into play with rowing and navigating necessitates a close tie to the natural world. It links anglers with generations who knew about wild places, but were blissfully unaware of highways or data plans. So even though barding a craft means that you are tied to the water, the waves, and the wind – it also liberates you.


Here at Vedavoo, we love our watercraft! We fish from canoes, one-man rafts, and drift boats. So, we’ve created some products that are built specifically for use on boats.

Our Drifter Boat Bag is the best way to get all your gear from vehicle to your boat. Once it is there, the rigid waterproof bottom will keep flies, spare clothes, and lunch at hand, upright, and dry. Our Strolis Seatback and Vedavoo X Water Master Seatback essentially take our slings off you and put them on the back of your boat seat. The Strolis is basically a giant streamer wallet, and the Water Master Seatback is a heavy-duty water-resistant pouch.

Take a look at what we can build for you, and your boat, here.


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