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One of the joys of fly fishing is that the pursuit can be as simple or as complicated as each individual wants it to be. It isn’t a stretch to say that some anglers have at least a dozen rods… of the same line weight. At the same time, there are plenty of fly fishers who fish with their one tried-and-true rig under nearly every circumstance.

Both approaches have their virtues. Having the precise tool needed for the job at hand is a wonderful opportunity for those who can afford it. Conversely, learning to use the same tool across a wide variety of circumstances is the epitome of flexibility. Each approach also has its drawbacks; the former being financial and the latter tied up in inherent limitations.

Regardless of how many fly rods you have on the river, in the trunk, or at home, there are going to be moments on the water when you need to make significant changes. Moreover, they’ll need to be quick.

It isn’t uncommon to cast long, lithe tippets and stout, sinking rigs in the same pool. You want to target the risers and the fish taking cover under structure. Both trout can be fished to with an out of the box, 9’ 6X leader simply by changing flies. But there is a better way. A fast, efficient, and effective way to do both well – without carrying an armada of fly rods.

Switch your leader.

Many fly fishers do this; but they don’t do it enough. Surprisingly, some anglers don’t switch their leaders at all. A light, unobtrusive leader wallet can carry enough types and sizes of leaders to adapt a single rod and reel combo for practically every fishing scenario.

Monofilament leaders, fluorocarbon leaders, furled leaders, sinking polyleaders: each have their place and benefits. The options are endless, but it isn’t difficult to compile a robust selection. It is also much less expensive than additional reels, spools, and lines. Based upon home waters or destination locations, some standard lengths and weights can be coiled, bagged, and ready to fish. With perfection loops or similar knots on the ends of everything, a complete overhaul of a rig can occur in about the same amount of time it takes to tie on a fly.

This whole system is part-and-parcel with modern skagit or multi-tip methods. These tactics, birthed on coastal rivers with varying depths, flows, and presentation needs, have migrated from salmon and steelhead anglers to the whole fly fishing world.

Whether adapting your gear to switch from streamers to the evening hatch or modifying the head a few hundred grains to get a swing in front of deep fish, having a handful of options in your pack or vest is crucial to getting the most time – and the most fish – you can while on the river.



At Vedavoo, we’ve created two products specifically for carrying leaders and shooting heads.

Our Leader Wallet (at right) is a heavy-duty home for your furled and tapered leaders. It is built with two clear vinyl pockets perfectly sized to hold zip-lock packages of leaders.

Our Double Head Wallet (pictured above) was designed for keeping your shooting heads organized. It is built with four pinch pockets sized for heads and/or zip-lock packages of leaders.

Both wallets are made with CORDURA® for extreme durability and a feature an industrial, American-Made Velcro closure for security.

Pick one out and we’ll build it in your choice of colors, just for you!

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