Derek DeYoung

Derek DeYoung was born on a bayou near the shores of Lake Michigan where his love of fishing was ignited. Over the years his art has veered from the classical fishing art, placing more importance on using a unique style and palette. Using oil paints on canvas, he artfully captures all the subtle intricacies fish possess; their colorful patterns, dimension and texture.

Derek explains, “When hiking up a small mountain stream, I’m not just chasing trout, I’m searching for a magical experience or vision that will inspire me, and raise my paintings to that next level. For me, the most inspiration comes once I’ve landed a particularly beautiful fish. I hold it at the surface of the water, tilting the fish back and forth in the sunlight, allowing all the subtle colors and patterns to come alive. After releasing it into the depths, the only thing left to do is get back to my studio to bring that fish to to life on my canvas.”

“Derek’s art directly reflects his joy and enthusiasm for fishing and the outdoors. He studies his subject matter and gets inspired when he is in nature. Then he comes back to the studio and tries to capture it all on canvas.” -Janell DeYoung

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