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The Driftless Area is a special place for trout fishing. Our friend Matt Ebbers who makes up half of the Brown Trout and Bridge Beers Podcast lays out the best flies to fish this Summer in the Driftless Area. (That are not the infamous Pink Squirrel pattern.)

Mini-Jiga-Bugger in Size 4-6 – For all you trout streamer junkies, this is a great pattern that has a hint of pink color that the Driftless brown trout absolutely love.

Red Eyed Morrish Hopper in size 8-10 – This Morrish Hopper pattern has been great this summer, and the trout have really been loving it. Matt says been using the Loon Outdoors UV resin for the eyes, because, the trout key in on them. They just really love to eat red eye devil hoppers.

Electric Chartreuse BH Nymph in size 14-16 (not the actual name of the nymph – CARF made it up). Matt said he stole this pattern from Michael Burgess after seeing it on his Instagram profile. This has been a great fly to use as a dropper with the Morrish Hopper.

It’s Like A Copper John (Slim Fast C.J.) in size 14-16 – This classic fly simply catches fish no matter where you’re fishing it. Another great fly to use as a dropper or to drift under an indicator. The trout don’t seem to mind one way or the other.

Matt Ebbers is a Pro Fly Tier, fly fisherman, and host on the Brown Trout and Bridge Beers Podcast. He is also affiliated with Firehole Outdoors, Loon Outdoors, Fulling Mill, and Whiting Farms. Check out all of the amazing flies he ties on his Instagram page @ebbsforce1 and keep up with the Brown Trout and Bridge Beers Podcast at @3bt_media!

Photo by: Justin Carfagnini
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