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Our friend Morgan Kane aka MoMo The Meat Man shares his best flies for fly fishing Northern California in 2020. His season at Pyramid Lake was cut short due to the pandemic. With all of the time away from Pyramid, Morgan has been spending more time exploring with his dog Lloyd, and guiding in the Eastern Sierras and Tahoe area.

dogs and brook trout
Eastern Sierra rainbow trout fly fishing

The hot combo this summer for Morgan and his clients have been the classic hopper dropper system. He suggests using a Chubby Chernobyl hopper, with a Pheasant Tail dropper.

Nymph: Pheasant Tail – size 12-18

Best Flies for Northern California 2020 - Pheasant Tail Nymph

Dry Fly: Chubby Chernobyl – size 6-10

Best Flies for Northern California 2020 - Chubby Chernobyl

If a hopper dropper system is not for you, then you should use the tried and true woolly bugger. Next to the clouser minnow, this is one of the most versatile flies ever. Wouldn’t you agree?

Streamer: Bead Head Olive Woolly Bugger – size 2-6

Best Flies for Northern California 2020 - woolly bugger
catch and release rainbow trout

If you’re also in search of a fly fishing guide at Pyramid Lake or the Eastern Sierras in the Tahoe area contact Morgan at (707) 328-1652. He’s affiliated with Pyramid Fly Company and Alpine Fly Fishing. Give him a follow on Instagram at MoMo the Meat Man.

Catch and release rainbow trout Sierra mountains

Our top picks for your Sierra Mountain adventures. All made in the USA!

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