Andrea Larko

I’ve fished since I was old enough to throw a rod in the water while trying to cast and have my father go in after it. My 3 sisters and I grew up fishing the water around Pennsylvania and my mother told me we used to run to the water like we were going to the amusement park.

I picked up a fly rod about 10 years ago and started my career as an angling artist a few years later with the help of Vedavoo being the first to support my work through designs on apparel. With a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, I feel really lucky to be able to use my degree as a full time artist and combine my passion for fly fishing and art. I enjoy blue line fly fishing for wild and native trout on small water through Western Pennsylvania. I teach, practice and promote catch and release techniques, proper fish handling and the importance of conservation of our watersheds. I decided to join the Reel Service Project because fly fishing has changed my life and I know it can heal others in the way it has healed me.

Andrea Larko Bag
Hand-Painted bag featuring an amazing Rainbow Trout by Andrea Larko. One of Four Bags available as prizes in Reel Service IV for Project Healing Waters
A hint of another to come in time for a future Reel Service project for another great cause! Stay tuned for your chance to win this beauty!

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