Vedavoo is 1 year old today!

Over the past year, we’ve grown so much and learned a ton from our friends along the way. Thank you all for what you’ve done to help make our dream possible!

Vedauwoo (Vedavoo), is an internationally respected, natural climbing park in Southern Wyoming. The rock formations – like Turtle Rock (in photo) – are known for their distinctive shape and excellence for climbers. When we started our company, I remembered my own time spent in the park – and the area stood out as a symbol for everything we wanted to be.  With a name meaning “of the Earth,” it’s a haven for hikers, fishermen, campers, and (of course) climbers.

With our second year ahead, we’re excited to announce that VEDAVOO is moving forward with a central focus on providing durable gear built for climbers. Whether on natural rock, in the gym, or along the road less traveled, our gear will stand up to the toughest conditions and deliver great results.

In the next few months, our line of climbing products will be released through our website, and in climbing gyms and outdoor stores around the country.  Vedavoo Chalk Bags, Rope Bags, Cam-and-Hex Rolls, Shoe Bags, and vert-packs are on the way – but this is only the beginning.  We also have other gear designed for backcountry adventure that’s useful to climbers and others alike.

Thanks again for your support this past year! We’re looking forward to the path ahead!

Scott Hunter